Gwen Stefani & Family: Father’s Day Get Together

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale got to spend some time alone and hang out with the family on Father’s Day (June 17). The rocker couple took their children, Kingston, 6, and Zuma, 3, to Gwen’s parents’ house in Los Angeles, Calif. before heading off on their own to have a Sushi dinner.

The kids ran around outside and looked like they were having a great time with their relatives.

The wait is over for No Doubt fans. The band are releasing Push and Shove on September 25. They are still in the process of finishing the record but will film a video for the record’s first single, Settle Down. That will debut on July 16.

The music video director is Sophie Muller, who has worked with the group many times. Some of the videos she created for them were for Don’t Speak, Excuse Me Mr., Sunday Morning, and Simple Kind of Life.


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  1. Please tell me that is not the nanny in the first pic and they would need her to take their kids to a gathering at a relatives home. If it is, that is crazy, the two of them are well equipped to take care of their boys without a nanny this day.

    • How do you know they’re well-equiped? Maybe they can’t handle the kids alone? Maybe it makes them feel better to have a third set of eyes? Maybe they came to drink and party and needed someone to watch the kids? Maybe they’re recording music in the basement and they don’t let the kids down there.

      Why would you judge something that you know nothing about, and will never know anything about? The explanation could be as simply as the woman wanted to come along or was invited, or that these kids’ parents are the laziest people on the planet.

      Who. Cares.

      • Why are you so offended by Shirley’s comment? I think her question is perfectly reasonable — 2 parents, 2 kids PLUS a nanny on a visit to see grandpa? Clearly the kids would be outnumbered by adults….

        • Maybe you missed Anonymous’s point: The only reason people bring up this family’s nannies is to knock them. Why bother?

          • Sorry but how can you know why anyone brings up this familys nannies? are you a mind reader? Just asking….

    • Because they are creepy, perverted men who have no concept of boundaries and what constitutes appropriate, acceptable behaviour.

  2. Gwen Stefani is the most prettiest woman in HollyWood to day. I am a white libra man,my name is larry steininger. my birthday is Oct1,1963 I love you Gwen and your music. my phone number is 1-626-915-8635

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