Jack Black & Family: Father’s Day Flick

Jack Black spent Father’s Day (June 17) going to the movies with his family in Los Angeles, Calif. Along with his wife Tanya and sons Samuel, 6, and Thomas, 4, the group headed to the Arclight Theater to catch Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted.

Last week the School of Rock star was in Glasgow when he turned up for a yoga class. It was the night before he was to play a gig with his band Tenacious D.

Siobhan Fitzegerald – the instructor- said she and the students were shocked when Jack and two friends turned up.

She said, “It was only when my students came rushing in excitedly that I realized who he was. He shouted into the room and asked if I would mind him coming in to take part. I asked him if he’d done yoga before and he said he had. But I don’t think he or his two friends had ever done this type of yoga. Afterwards, they looked like they’d got a bit of a fright. It’s quite a dynamic class. Jack was focused and put 100 per cent effort into it.”

She added, “All Jack said was, “That was intense, man’.”


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