Jerry O’Connell Hopes Twin Daughters Will Be Actresses

It looks as though Stand By Me alum Jerry O’Connell hopes that his 3½-year-old twin daughters Charlie and Dolly will follow in his famous footsteps – acting at an early age.

According to People magazine, the 38-year-old actor admits he has been coaxing his daughters to join him in the spotlight — much to wife Rebecca Romijn‘s dismay.

“I’m trying to force them into the entertainment industry,” Jerry jokes. “My wife is a little more, ‘Let them find their way.’”

“I would love for them to be on the Disney Channel,” he reveals. “Maybe with a twins show of their own. Maybe they’re the new Olsen twins!”

And being a father of two little girls, it’s no surprise that Jerry is savvy on the song lyrics in certain movies.

“I’ve seen The Little Mermaid, I’m not joking, 700 times. Seven hundred times!” he laughs. “I’m a grown man who knows all the lyrics. ‘Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete?’”

Speaking of singing, Jerry will be showcasing his voice during an upcoming episode of the Disney Channel’s Jake and the Never Land Pirates which is set to premiere early next year.

“In all honesty, when this opportunity for Jake and the Never Land Pirates came up, I just had to do it,” he says. “It’s just so fun to be in something that your kids can watch and they say, ‘Is that Daddy?’”

“It’s one of the real perks of being a dad and being in the entertainment business,” he adds.


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  1. @Anabelle stop being so dramatic nobody will ever be as ubiquitous as the Olsen Twins were and besides when your playing a young child twins are usually cast to play the same part because children can only shoot for so long. although look for example at child Rachel in Rachel Rachel that wasn’t double cast it was played by one 8 year old at the time of filming and it’s the eldest daughter of the director/lead actress who shares a remarkable resemblance to her mother.

    • I’m fascinated that you would use a word like “ubiquitous” but don’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re”.

      But then again, you ARE courtney, so that explains it all.

    • Yeah, he is kidding. He and Rebecca have really funny, off-beat senses of humor, and the kids aren’t exempt from the humor, but they adore those girls.

  2. You usually you hear celebrities say they don’t want their kids following in their footsteps because it’s such a difficult road to travel. Ultimately, kids grow up to do what they want to do.

  3. Those girls are chalk and cheese, not alike at all. However… they both look like they have the confidence to steal the limelight in different ways. They are both absolutely gorgeous!

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