Graham Elliot Shares Food Prep Tips, Joys Of Fatherhood, Rockstar Dreams

Chicago chef Graham Elliot and wife Allie have a full plate! In early June, the celebrity chef celebrated the grand opening of his third restaurant, G.E.B. (Graham Elliot Bistro), and his hit TV show MasterChef premiered that same night. Not to mention, he’s set to welcome his third son this September!

Graham and Allie have decided on the baby name Jedediah Pope for their baby on-the-way, who will join the couple’s son Conrad, 20 months, and Graham’s 5-year-old son Mylo from a previous marriage. The celebrity chef opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about time-saving food preparation for today’s busy families, choosing unique baby names, and his rockstar and political dreams.

CBS: Congratulations on baby on-the-way! How is your wife’s pregnancy going so far? When is she due?

GE: “Allie is doing great – hasn’t been sick but definitely is a fan of napping! Our baby is due September 7th.”

CBS: What are some of the ways you spoil your wife during her pregnancies?

GE: “Let’s just say I have been mastering my foot and back rub technique.”

CBS: This will be your third son! Tell us about choosing unique baby boy names.

GE: “Obviously names are super important, and we want to make sure it’s both unique and tells a story. All three boys’ names are derived by either family, friends or characters that have had an impact on our lives.”

CBS: What are your boys into these days? Do they get along well?

GE: “They get along famously! In addition to throwing the baseball around, Conrad is into all sorts of sports and outdoor activities, as well as taking all of the items out of the refrigerator, lining them up and then putting them back [laughs]. Mylo is deeply into geography and architecture.”

CBS: Do your boys love to cook?

GE: “Conrad will try absolutely anything, while Mylo is more picky. I think Conrad will absolutely be into cooking as he gets older. Mylo loves being in the restaurants, looking through the coolers and pretending to make weird recipes.”

CBS: What’s your best advice for busy parents who don’t feel they have the time to cook nutritious meals?

GE: “Even if you are limited on time and resources, pick one day a week to go to the market together and pick out a few veggies and prepare them together that evening.”

CBS: What are some of your favorite daddy moments? What do you love about being a dad?

GE: “I love going to baseball games with Allie and our boys, as well as spending summers at the beach and pool. Our family spent two weeks in Hawaii this past January, and without a doubt it was the coolest time I’ve had as a dad and as a husband. It was there that I received the best birthday present ever – the news that we were now expecting our third child!”

CBS: You’re a reality TV star, own and run restaurants, and you’re a renounced chef! Tell us what you love about all your different roles. Tell us about your main passion.

GE: “I am a huge fan of both cooking, eating and the history, culture, and flavors that come with it. Aside from the obvious, my other largest passions are politics and music (Strange Bedfellows for sure). May sound like opposite ends of the spectrum, but I hope to one day be in a band as well as in public office.”

CBS: Tell us about your role on MasterChef.

GE: “I am currently a judge on Fox’s MasterChef, where we search for the greatest home cook in America. I think my role is to focus on creativity and artistry, and to get the contestants to realize cooking is about a relationship with nature as well as a creative outlet.”

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