Matthew McConaughey & Family: Dining Out In Calabasas

Newlyweds Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves were seen taking their two tots Levi, nearly 4, and 2-year-old Vida out for dinner in Calabasas, CA.

According to, the 42-year-old Magic Mike star has topped a new online Father’s Day poll to find Hollywood’s sexiest dad. Matthew claimed 21 per cent of the vote in’s timely countdown – five per cent more than runner-up Brad Pitt.

Celebrity father Johnny Depp is a close third while Mark Wahlberg and Chris Hemsworth – who recently welcomed daughter India with wife Elsa Pataky -rounded out the top five.


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    • • Camilla is 69″ tall.
      • The average 2-year old is 34″ tall.
      • The average 4-year old is 40″ tall.

      So, Camilla should be about just about twice as tall as Vida, and she is. Levi should be a couple of inches taller than Vida, and he is.

      So what’s with the constant comments about how short they are???

  1. I wonder what makes everyone think these kids are so small? Have we seen them next to any other kids? who are we comparing them to??? Perhaps he looks extra small since his mother is about 5’10 and dad is over 6’0. I am asking because I dont think either of them look excessively small for their age. Not trying to bash anyone or be called fat or an idiot. Just asking.

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