Usher: My Son Was Named As A Tribute To My Dad

Usher has revealed why he named his son after his father. The singer – whose full name is Usher Terry Raymond IV – chose to follow family tradition when he reunited with his estranged dad shortly before his son was born. Sadly his dad passed away soon after.

He explained, ”I think my father’s death had a lot to do with my decision to name my son Usher. He was born and he died months apart. And I had become reacquainted with my father in the last year of his life. Prior, I didn’t have any conversation, dialogue, with him.”

The Scream singer added, “As a child I saw him a few times, but [it was] not the type of relationship or rapport that a man should have with his children. So it was an ode to the lineage of who we are.”

Usher – who has Naviyd, 3, and Usher Raymond V, 4, with ex-wife Tameka Foster – was only one-year-old when his dad walked out on the family.

He said, ”It hurt me not having a father – certain adolescent issues would have been easier to cope with if I’d have had my father there.”




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  1. What an odd story. You have no relatioinship with your father. You reconnected just a few months before he dies, so you name your kid after him? I’m doubting this, and thinking he named the kid after himself and this had nothing to do with his father.

  2. Well his father named him after his self so in reality whether he was naming his son after him or his father its all the same they both share the same name

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