Dean McDermott Loves Being A “Stay At Home Dad”

During an appearance on Bethenny, actor and celebrity father Dean McDermott opens up about his feelings on his wife Tori Spelling being the breadwinner in their household and what he really thinks about being a stay-at-home dad to his three children Liam, 5, Stella, 4, and 8-month-old Hattie.

“I have no bones about saying that T makes more [money] than I do,” Dean tells Bethenny Frankel during Tuesday’s episode. “As far as her being the breadwinner or making more than me I have no problem with that because I’m fortunate. I get to spend this time with my kids and watch them grow, which a lot of guys don’t because they’re nine-to-fivers.”

“You know I think in the whole gender world, I think it’s changing. There’s a lot more stay at home dads now a days,” he adds.

When the Due South star is pressed about just how much money Tori has, Dean confesses that “everyone thinks because she has all these businesses we’re loaded and we’re not. Honestly, we’re not.”

“She does feel guilty [about leaving the kids and going to work] but you know, when she does spend time with them, it’s quality,” Dean says. “It’s not about quantity. It’s just about really good quality time with the kids.”

Tori is due with the couple’s fourth child this September.

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