Tori Spelling: “Liam Graduated From Preschool”

Proud mom Tori Spelling shared a “momentous occasion” for her “dapper man,” 5-year-old son Liam on her website, stating that she’s “more in love with him with each passing day.”

“Friday was a very momentous occasion in our family… Liam Aaron McDermott graduated from preschool!” Tori writes. “It was a proud mama bear’s shining moment as my boy accepted his first diploma.”

In his son’s honor, the Beverly Hills, 90210 alum took a trip down memory lane.

“Liam started at his school when he was 18 months with a class called Toddler (mommy/daddy and me). After that he did 3 years of Pre-Kindergarten,” she shares. “And, on Friday, he graduated. Somewhere deep down I wanted to chant “Liam McDermott GRADUATES!”- a la Donna Martin, but kept it to myself.”

The expectant reality TV star went on to share her son’s special day.

“My dapper man wore his seersucker suit and a M4L (Made for Liam) red polka dot silk bowtie by Boutaugh,” she writes. “Liam chose the color palette all on his own, I might add. The school set up a nice stage for the graduates as well as a sea of folding chairs for the families in the school’s rear yard. Everyone waited patiently when suddenly Dionne Warwick’s “That’s What Friends Are For,” started playing, and then I saw my little man marching out in a line with his other pint sized classmates and… Cue the waterworks, which flowed abundantly and freely for the next hour.”

And according to mom, Liam has dreams to be a pro athlete.

“They each walked on stage and promptly took the microphone to announce what they wanted to be when they grew up. Liam said, “When I grow up, I want to be a basketball player.” It was adorable,” she gushes. “Then they performed songs about growing up and moving on, and also sang a song in Spanish while wearing sombreros. Then, at the end, they played “Pomp and Circumstance” (this preschool graduation was no joke!) and announced each student’s name to come accept their diploma. I waited patiently with a quivering lip. Then I heard it… Liam McDermott.”

An emotional Tori says she was transported back to the day he was born.

“As he walked across the stage with utter confidence and a huge smile, everything suddenly became slow motion for me,” she shares. “I flashed back to his birth, as I remembered Dr. J saying that my baby was coming, and then hearing his first cry while simultaneously Dr. J said, “Tori, he’s beautiful!” And indeed he was as they placed my little man cheek to cheek with me. I can still remember the warmth of his skin touching mine. It’s as if I had waited my whole life for that one single moment. A moment that would change my life forever. The moment I became a Mommy.”

And the surge of emotions didn’t stop for the proud mama.

“Next, I flashed to him taking his first steps,” she says. “It was a few weeks before Stella was born, and as if it were yesterday, I can still see him in our backyard taking those first steps all by himself. He looked shocked, determined and proud all in the same instant as he took wobbly steps back and forth between me and Dean. And, then I snapped back into reality as I watched him fling himself into his teacher’s arms to hug them and proudly accept his diploma. He walked back to his place on stage and waved to us.”

The actress says time has passed so quickly, and her love for him grows with each passing day.

“I couldn’t believe my Monkey, my baby, had grown so much,” she says. “Five years have passed so quickly. I’m so proud of the person he is and the person I see him becoming. I grow more and more in love with him with each passing day. After the ceremony was over he announced, “I’m a man now!” I smiled. Yes, he is well on his way!”


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  1. Good grief, can’t she let that poor child have one occasion in his life that is private. It’s shameful the way she exploits every moment of her childrens’ lives for money and attention.

      • There’s a difference between being proud of your child and publicly discussing every important moment of his life on her website (which she makes money off of.) Between the reality show, her constant oversharing on twitter, her personal website, the interviews she does about her kids, and the books she’s written them, she has exploited nearly every moment of those childrens’ lives. She could be proud of him in her personal life, without announcing these details to the world – but then she shouldn’t be able to make any money from that approach. . .

  2. My older kids all got certificate when they “graduated” from pre-K and wore the gown and cap. It was a bit much for my taste. My youngest (now 8) did a show with other pre-k students instead. they sang songs and danced and we clapped and cried (a little). much better than a ceremony alot of school do nowadays. Much better to save the graduations for HS and College. 🙂

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