Halle Berry & Nahla: Back To The Beach

Halle Berry enjoyed some down time with her adorable daughter Nahla today, hitting the beach in Malibu, California for a bit of fun (June 21).

The pretty pair spend a lot of time seaside; we often see them, along with Halle’s fiance Olivier Martinez, running around through the sand and surf. Today was no exception – mom and daughter both looked to be having a blast.

The Monster’s Ball star seemed in great spirits despite the latest development in her ongoing custody battle with Nahla’s dad Gabriel Aubry. Earlier this week a judge reportedly ordered the actress to pay her ex $20,000 a month in child support payments.


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  1. That is her natural hair, she just grew it out. That is the typical hair texture that most people with Halle’s ancestry have. I have the same type of hair- my mom is African and my dad is European.

  2. I don’t think that is her natural hair. Her natural hair may look like that if it were grown out, but one day she had the real short cut and then days later she had this hair. I think it must be for a role. I’m sure she is beautiful with her natural hair, I am just saying it was too fast to have grown out.

  3. These pics are planned PR shots for her court case. She is usually extremely hostile toward paps who “invade” her privacy and yet, right now, while things aren’t quite going her way in court, she is suddenly willing to let them snap away without showing even the slightest bit of resentment. Halle is all about manipulation of public sentiment. She is so screwed up. I feel very sorry for her daughter who is going to be equally screwed up because the courts won’t look past Halle’s celebrity and do the right thing for the child. Halle should be ordered to enter therapy for her anger issues and she shouldn’t be allowed to see the child unsupervised until she learns the emotional skills necessary to co-parent with the child’s father without injecting said anger and spite into the family dynamic. I don’t care how angry one spouse is at another, it is extremely wrong and damaging to keep the innocent child in the middle of such angry bitterness day after day. In this case, the mother is the one who insists on making everything about spite so the mother is the one who should lose custody until she learns to behave like a responsible, adult parent.

  4. That IS her natural hair. She’s recently removed the extentions she had (for a movie role), and what’s left is her own gorgeous hair. We’re just not accustomed to seeing her hair at this awkward length. Her hair type (bi-racial) grows very fast, and very thick. I’d kill for her hair type!

  5. There are candids from mid April of her on the beach with her signature cut! Unless shes taking off the market super grow pills that is 100% a wig! She looks so much older like that! Hopefully she will start wearing her real hair again!

    • Do you think that the Kardashian girls, Jessica Simpson, and countless other Caucasian celebrities should remove their hair extensions as well?!

      That IS Halle’s natural gorgeous hair.

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