Halle Berry Ordered To Pay $20,000 A Month In Child Support

Academy Award-winning actress Halle Berry has been ordered to pay nearly a quarter of a million dollars a year to her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry, TMZ reports.

Berry and Aubry – who are parents to 4-year-old daughter Nahla – were in court Monday, and the family law judge ordered Berry to pay her ex $20,000 a month in child support payments.

In May, Aubry asked a Los Angeles judge to award him the large monthly sum in order to properly raise Nahla. This is the first time an explicit child support order has been issued in their ongoing case.

But the battle continues. The Monster’s Ball actress recently asked for the court’s permission to move Nahla with her to Paris, where she and her fiancé, French actor Olivier Martinez, hope to reside and escape the American press.

“There are laws like (that) in France, which is the reason I want to go there,” Berry told Extra earlier this year. “Laws that protect children, protect right to privacy. All I want is for my family and myself to have a normal life. When I’m not at work, that’s very important to me.” She added, “It’s not one photographer hiding in the bushes, it’s 20, 30 very close to us, causing commotion,” she continued. “I’m not complaining about me. I’m an adult. I can handle it. But children should not be subject to that. It’s just wrong.”

Berry and Aubry split in April 2010 after five years of dating.



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  1. wow thats ALOT…growing up my mom didnt even get close to 20,000 a year for my brother and myself from my dad….$20,00 a month is WAY too much..come on, a quarter of a mil to “raise her properly” exactly what does she need thats gonna total $20,000 a MONTH!? lord knows it doesnt cost that much to raise 1 child! $20,000 a month is more then what some people make in a year!(hell its more then what my husband makes in a year and he also supports,myself , our daughter and soon to be a new baby as of next year!)

    • Was your dad makeing Halle Berry type of money? I think not so why would your mom get somthing that your dad couldn’t afford to give.

  2. Charlie Sheen pays over $50,000 a month for two children. P. Diddy pays $100,000 a month for three children with Kim Porter. Women have been raking in big child support payments since forever but now the tables have turned.

    • That doesn’t make it reasonable or right. Obviously these cases are settled according to the parents income, but it is completely irrational to claim that it requires $20,000 per month to raise one child. If 99% of people can successfully raise children on less per month, in many cases per year, then so can these celebrities. I’m not saying they should pay less, I think it’s completely absurd they get paid this much for acting/performing in the first place.

    • Agree good for him! The statement “so he can properly raise” is out of line. So %80 of American children aren’t being raised properly? And what is the judge thinking that he agrees?

      • Looks like the blog said “Properly raise”. You notice it wasn’t quotes. Thay usually means the person in question did not actually say it and the blog is editorializing. Quite irresponsibly in this case, I might add.

    • But do Charlie Sheen and P. Diddy have primary physical custody of their children? They give financial support because the moms are raising the children. If Halle is raising Nahla why should she pay Gabriel anything? $20,000 a month should only go to Gabriel if he has physical custody.

      Did I miss something? Does Gabriel have primary physical custody of Nahla? If he doesn’t, he should have the time and freedom to work his own job and earn money to support his child.

  3. Hopefully now people will now STOP SLEEPING AROUND! omg! How hard is it to wait until marriage before you have sex? A lot of these horribly matched couples would of never gotten married in the first place meaning they would of never had these kids.

  4. Why does he get $20,000 a month if she has physical custody? So, she’s supposed to financially support her child at her home as well as his home? Am I missing something here or is this just more of Hollywood insanity?

    Charlie Sheen has 4 kids on child support, not two.

  5. I think the courts want her life, and the life of most children of divorced or separated parents, to have as much consistency as possible. Remember Britney and KFed? It would be strange as a child if you lived with your multi millionaire mom and then went to your dads for the weekend who had a considerably different lifestyle due to very limited funds. That’s a confusing way to grow up.

  6. the courts don’t JUST look at income – they look at what type of lifestyle the child has when with either parent. with halle she has nannies, dance lessons, etc. those things have to continue when she is in gabriel’s care.

    i would just like to mention – considering he is NOT the primary custodial parent, this seems like a HUGE amount to order.. i will not be surprised when/if the court declines halle’s petition to move to france, and orders gabriel gets either 50/50 custody – or more.

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