Isabelle Brasseur On Bladder Control Issues, Figure Skating Champion Daughter

Canadian figure skater Isabelle Brasseur is raising awareness for bladder control issues and helping raise money for The Canadian Cancer Society and cancers below the waist. The former Olympian is “promoting the Depend Silhouette for Women absorbent briefs as I want to help people living with incontinence feel better about themselves.”

Isabelle opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her mother’s story of sadness and embarrassment with incontinence due to her battle with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP). She also talk about her 11-year-old daughter Gabriella who is also a figure skater and recently won the US National Championships.

CBS: Tell us about partnering with Depend and their Silhouette for Women absorbent briefs to give incontinence sufferers confidence.

IB: “I had a conversation with the people at Depend about this new product and it made me realize how wide-spread this issue is. Approximately 3.3 million Canadians are affected by bladder control issues, a condition that can leave sufferers feeling embarrassed, self-conscious and frustrated. The Depend Silhouette for Women absorbent briefs helps restore and give incontinence sufferers the confidence to enjoy an active lifestyle.”

CBS: Tell us why you aligned yourself with the somewhat taboo topic of incontinence. Are you hoping to demystify some myths and shatter some of the shame?

IB: “The topic of incontinence is something I was aware of when my mother was fighting Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP). It was an embarrassing symptom for my mom to deal with and I saw the fear and sadness in her eyes of losing control of her body. The issue of incontinence affected her greatly. The Depend undergarments – the Silhouette and Real Fit briefs — give people back their freedom, and help remove the stigma associated with bladder control issues.”

CBS: We hear some of the proceeds will go toward the Canadian Cancer Society. Tell us more.

IB: “Depend is making a donating to the Canadian Cancer Society on behalf of PJ Stock and myself. The donated funds will be directed specifically for the focus on cancers below the waist. The Canadian Cancer Society does important work, so I encourage everyone to support that.”

CBS: How is your 11-year-old daughter Gabriella doing? What does she do to make you laugh?

IB: “Gabriella is doing great; she is my little daily sunshine. She just finished 5th grade, she is getting ready to enjoy the summer and is looking forward to skating every day.

She is an overall great kid, and as her mom I feel very fortunate that she is healthy.

To make me laugh when I get grumpy, she does this imitation of an old man without teeth that gets mad at the nurse because she forgot to give him his prune juice… it works every time no matter how often I hear it. I cannot resist laughing and going along with it.”

CBS: We hear Gabriella is also into figure skating. Is this your worst fear or greatest dream? Do you think she’ll make it to the Olympics one day?

IB: “Yes, Gabriella is into figure skating and a National Champion. Last year she and her partner won the US National Championships at the Juvenile Pair level.

I have to admit that originally I did not want her to skate, but I am very proud of her and if she likes it then it is all worth it. I do love having her around at the rink, it has now become a family affair and when we travel for competitions we are all together (my husband teaches with me) and I just love that.

But I have to say, that I am all for her to try different things and I just want her to follow her heart, wherever it leads her I will be a proud mom. As for the Olympics, if it is her dream one day, I will do everything in my power to help her through her journey. But if it is not what she wants, I will just be happy sharing whatever experience life sends her way.”

CBS: What is more rewarding: winning Olympic medals or watching your daughter grow?

IB: “Each life experience deserves their own emotions and should not to be compared. For me, winning medals was self-rewarding and made me proud that all my hard work had paid off. Watching my baby grow is priceless, and no words can describe the joy in my heart in sharing life with her.”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

IB: “Right now, I am concentrating my time on promoting the Depend Silhouette for Women absorbent briefs as I want to help people living with incontinence feel better about themselves.

When I am at home, my husband and I have a skating school and we teach about 30 students. When I am not at the rink, I just love being a mom and enjoy my time with my daughter before she becomes a young adult and leaves the nest. I love every minute of family life.”

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