Mark Wahlberg: My Kids Only Have Water In Their Lunches

Besides acting Mark Wahlberg has another career. It’s owning water brand Aqua Hydrate. The actor says that his children, Ella, 8, Michael, 6, Brendan, 3, and Grace, 2, only drink that water.

He tells Parade, “I fly the water everywhere since when I drink other water now, I can taste the acid. And my kids won’t drink any other type of water. We want to have the water in all the school systems and have them drinking Aqua Hydrate instead of sodas.”

The Contraband star adds, “My kids are allowed to drink orange juice or lemonade in the morning or lunch but after that, they only have water. They only have water in their lunches. My three-year old can’t even pronounce it but he tries to ask for it. They love it. We used to buy Poland Spring or Sparkletts. You can surround them with other drinks and they won’t touch them now.”

Getting into the water business wasn’t planned.

He explained, “I got into this by accident. I had no desire to be in the beverage business.

“I was training for The Fighter and a friend brought this guy in with a case of water. He started telling me about reverse osmosis and all of this organic stuff and I said, ‘Dude, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Leave the water and I’ll try it.’ I started drinking the water—I usually drink a gallon or a gallon and a half of water a day— and I immediately recovered quicker, started running eight instead of seven miles a day. So I said I love the product but wasn’t in the beverage business so I couldn’t help them. But then I started talking to people and decided I wanted to get involved somehow.”

You won’t see Mark pose in ad campaigns like Jennifer Aniston does for SmartWater.

Probably not,” he said. “I don’t think anyone wants to see me on a billboard anymore. But we do want the top athletes and we’ll have very interesting people endorsing the product.”



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  1. Bottled water is so wasteful when tap water is easily available at home or school. I can understand bottled water when you’re out and about but even then, I try to use a refillable water container. I applaud him for encouraging the consumption of water over soda. Our schools are finally getting the message and banning soda.

  2. While there’s no question water is better than soda, this just makes him sound like a precious, pretentious doofus. The tap water in most parts of the developed world is perfectly good…and SO much better for the environment than throwing away plastic bottles all the time. Pure selfish silliness.

  3. My family only uses bottled for everything, including cooking. Tap water in theory is “better”, but my house has lots of lead pipes that need replacing. The expenses is not that much, we do recycle and refill. And after seeing that nasty coppery water that flows out of the pipes after the do work to them in spring, I am in no rush to replace the pipes.

  4. Wow, what an incredibly idiotic thing to admit to the public. “My kids won’t drink any other type of water now”…that should limit their life experiences quite nicely!!

  5. Haha. My baby sister had a period where she would only drink the VOSS water because every other Hollywood celeb would when attending pilates..I think one bottle was like 8 or 9 dollars and at that time there were only glassed bottles. How inconvenient.And she drank a lot.At least she stopped when she found out water alone would take like, one third of her monthly income:P Mark makes his kids seem so stuck up. What do they do when they travel the world and it turns out Aqua Hydrate are nowhere to be found?
    I’m all for tap water like the rest of you. Just make sure to keep the bottletop clean and somewhat protected(it easily houses bacterias etc.)and keep others away from it:)

  6. Adults and parents ought to be much, much more environmentally conscious than this to show an example. Having bottles of water flown around? Silly and irresponsible.

  7. What a snob! Drinking only water is admirable but pimping his own brand (not to mention the wastefulness of the bottles) is so Hollywood out-of-touch pretentious! Use a Brita filter if you want filtered water! Cheaper and so much more environmental!

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