Rebecca Romijn: I’ve Had To Cut Down On Wine Drinking Since Having The Twins

Actress Rebecca Romijn looks fresh and summery on the July/August cover of Health magazine. In an accompanying interview, the 39-year-old mother of twins Charlie and Dolly, 3, opens up about how life has changed since her daughter’s arrival, how she got her body back after having twins and on what – or who – really keeps her up at night.

On the sacrifices she’s made since becoming a mother: “I’ve had to cut down on wine drinking, big time. I’d fall asleep for an hour, and then be wide awake! Every once in a while, I’d toy with the idea of, ‘I can be a cool mom: a party girl at night and a mom in the morning.’ But I’d regret it every time. Because those girls wake up at 6 a.m. no matter what time you come home! Sleep is so important. But as soon as you become a mother, you’re always a little bit awake, because your one ear is always sort of listening.”

On how she achieved her post baby weight loss goals: “After I had my babies and was struggling to lose that last bit of weight, I had to challenge my body in a different way. Bikram yoga was key. You sweat so much, you’ll lose poundage. Though honestly? I dread it every time.”

On how her tricks to get a good’s night sleep: “I’m constantly rolling[my husband Jerry O’Connell] over to get him to stop [snoring]. And sometimes I hold his nose. It’s terrible, but it makes me laugh. He also says really crazy things in his sleep. He keeps me entertained while he’s keeping me awake.

Continue reading more of Rebecca’s interview here.

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  1. Her girls are 3 – this interview seems to be a couple of years late. I recall seeing her not too long after she had her twins and she looked pretty slim and trim to me back then.

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