Scott Wolf & Kelley Limp Expecting Another Boy

Already outnumbered at home, Real World: New Orleans star Kelley Limp is getting set to welcome another boy to the family.

Kelly’s handsome husband, Party of Five alum Scott Wolf, revealed the big news during an appearance on The Talk today – but he was quick to add that they’re not stocking up on blue bibs and booties just yet.

Admitting that they went “to the mall” to have the ultrasound done, he says he considers the the results to be “semi-conclusive.”

“[We’re] not quite painting the room blue yet, because it was at the mall, but we’ll have another ultrasound done at a proper doctor’s office next week and then I’ll know for sure.”

Boy or girl, the couple’s 3-year-old son Jackson is looking forward to being a big brother. After over-hearing talk of another baby the preschooler, who his dad says is “a pretty sharp kid,” asked his parents about it.

“He came up to [my wife] one day and was like, ‘What do you have in your tummy?’ So we sat him down and we said, ‘Mommy has a baby in there. Do you know what that means?'”

“He said, ‘I can’t wait to be a big brother!'” Scott recalled. “A couple of days later he woke up and I went in to get him. He goes, ‘Daddy, guess what?’ I’m having a baby!’ So he kind of gets it.”

The couple announced the pregnancy on Twitter last month.

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