Ben Affleck: “I’m The Luckiest Guy In The World”

Dad-of-three Ben Affleck recalls the tabloid frenzy when he dated Jennifer Lopez from 2002 to 2004. “I definitely was in a tabloid crosshair,” he said in a recent interview with The Associated Press. “It mucks up your life.”

He described the attention as “sort of snarky and venal and kind of overwhelming.”

The Good Will Hunting star realized that the paparazzi weren’t going to back off, so he made some changes in his life. The actor married Jennifer Garner, had three beautiful children, and cut down his “compulsive” work schedule.

Ben went on to say that his career and family life with Jen and their kids – daughters Violet, 6, and Seraphina, 3, and son Samuel, nearly 4 months – is the stuff that dreams are made of.

“I feel like I have a chance to do the most exciting stuff that I’ve done in my career,” he said. “I’m the luckiest guy in the world.”

Ben was recently in Washington D.C. to raise awareness for something else he feels passionate about – his Eastern Congo Initiative to reduce the child mortality rate in the region.


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  1. Ben that was 2004 do you hear Jlo talking about it.. There is no publicity like that
    Casper has it now! Why bring up your ex girlfriend still thinking about her..
    Why talk about her publicity he should be happy that people want to see his face
    H is no Matt Damon! just Congo and Iran movie! That is it foe him than he can
    Go away! Mr Jlo! To you labelled for life!

  2. He’s not talking about JLo .He’s talking about the media attention to his life that time.Jlo talks about her past all the the time,tv specials,magazine interviews and her concerts;you name it ,she bringsup her ex’s anytime ,everytime she has a chance.She’s the one that can’t seem to forget

  3. Love him and his beautiful family and I agree he is one of the luckiest guys in the world. To bad the media (as well of some of the fans) will never let go of the *past* when it comes to some celebrities. Problem with that is we fail to see the beauty that the *present* has to offer and the *future* promise of greater things to come.

    Proud of the exposure he brings to the atrocities against women and children in the democratic republic of the Congo. Hope that more will join forces withhim and others to bring an end to the madness. Good luck to him.

  4. Ben Affleck Recalls ..! The frenzy of the tabloids of when he dated Jlo 2002 -2004 . Recalls the date of his relationship ..It was 7 years ago Ben the attention left when
    You broke up! He does not have that publicity any more ! Only this time it is with
    His children and never will be like Jlo again! So y bring it up Ben it was over 2004!
    Changes should start by not talking about Jlo and publicity you don’t hear Tom
    Cruise complain about his relationship with Nicole …So he made changes , wow
    Talk about that…type his name and get no longer a tabloid target. When he isn’t
    One any more!

    • I take it you and Lisa are both JLo fans and maybe the same person. As several other people have pointed out, it appears the interviewer asked him the question. Even the way it is framed…. Ben recalls .. makes that clear, And as far as his only getting attention now because of his children, first of all this is a site that focuses on celebrity children. The tilt of the articles are slanted that way. Second, in the last seven years he had managed to change his life completely and has found success and satisfaction both as an actor and director of note (The Town, etc.) and has started a foundation to help war torn women and children. He was just pictured in the news the other day with US Secretary Hillary Clinton in regard to his work. He has helped bring clean water and better and safer living conditions for women and their children living in terrible conditions. I think he has moved on quite well. And if you weren’t so darned sensitive about JLo you would notice he was not talking about her but rather the tabloid frenzy that surrounded their life together.

  5. Ben talks about how that disastrous relationship with JLO nearly ruined his career and he only brings it up when the interviewers ask him about it . It is JLO who can’t seem to move on and even contacted him several times after her third marriage with Marc Anthony broke up. In an 2009 interview Jlo kept pining and sighing about Ben and how much he broke her heart, how much she loved him…yada…yada..yada. Ben made changes in his life because he didn’t want o be tabloid fodder he could care less about that he cares about his family and his career. Remember he left her not the other way around!!!

  6. He now considers himself to be “the luckiest guy in the world” and I concur. He has a happy stable family life and I’m sure his family will stay together. Both Ben and Jennifer Garner put the needs and well being of their children first.

  7. Foi um romance conturbado. Ela nunca abriria mão do estrelato e ele sempre quis uma vida mais simples e ser reconhecido pelo trabalho e não ser alvo de tablóides como era. Ele foi muito perspicaz e mudou sua vida, melhorando muito como ator, assumindo direção e construindo uma família normal. Os entrevistadores sempre vão perguntar daquela época e ele sempre vai responder, por que não?

  8. I’m glad he’s not a tabloid target too. He’s boring! I mean really really boring. And for the rec, JLo was far classier talking about her rela with him than he was with her. In fact, he all but blamed her for his crappy career all those years when he was the won who sold out making box office duds. This guy isn’t star material and that’s the cold hard truth but if he wants to spin it like he’s learned his lesson, fine! Love her or hate her, JLo moves on and lives her life the way she pleases. In a year where it was supposed to be Gaga or Madonna, JLo’s climbed on top of the pop mountain. Well done!

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