Is Shakira Expecting Her First Child?

Is Columbian singer Shakira pregnant? En Starz reports that her father – William Mebarak – was doing an interview when he was asked if he is going to be a grandfather.

Mebarak replied, “We hope” then added, “Yes, hopefully, hopefully the news are official soon.”

He later released a statement to a news agency claiming he never confirmed Shakira’s pregnancy.

He said, “I’ve heard from the press that some media confirmed the supposedly pregnancy of my daughter, that is absolutely false. I want to reaffirm, as I did in my recent interview, that I hope that happens soon because it will make us all happy. I have never said something different nor I have confirmed it.”

However the Colombian magazine Gente reports that Shakira – who is dating Spanish footballer Gerard Pique – is six weeks pregnant.

The magazine says Shakira is waiting for the right moment to make the news public.

“The baby is due in early 2013. The couple found out the news while they were in Ibiza. So far there are no plans for a wedding. Everything was planned. The baby will be born at the beginning of next year. This would be the first priority for the singer. At 35 years old, she thought she was missing the time to become a mom.”

According to Rodrigo Beltrán – one of the singer’s spokespeople in Colombia – her management don’t intend to make an official statement on the matter.

Mexicos’ TV Notas also reports that Shakira recently asked a hair salon if hair dye was safe for pregnant women.




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  1. Yeah, I think he meant that he hopes she will actually become pregnant soon. Not making it official to the press.

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