Halle Berry & Nahla: Sunshine & Smiles

Halle Berry and her daughter Nahla were photographed leaving the CVS pharmacy in Malibu, Calif. on Wednesday (June 20). Looks like the 4-year old was telling her mom a few stories that made the pair laugh.  The Monster’s Ball actress was wearing a colourful caftan made by Michelle Jonas Travelwear.

Despite the recent court decision that was slapped down on Berry earlier this week ordering her to pay Nahla’s father, Gabriel Aubry, $20,000 per month for child support, the 45-year old mama has been enjoying her time with her little girl. The mother-daughter duo was spotted on Thursday (June 21) frolicking on the beach together full of smiles.

A source close to Aubry and the custody dispute revealed to RadarOnline.com, “Gabriel’s lawyers will discuss the idea of Halle moving to Malibu permanently at the custody trial. She already has a house there and she never seems to have any problems with the paps photographing her in a bikini with Nahla.”

 “There is a gated community in Malibu that Halle could buy a house at if she wanted an extra layer of security. Gabe wants Nahla to have as normal a childhood as possible and thinks Nahla could even go to public school in Malibu,” the source added. “Cindy Crawford’s kids are in public school there, and no one ever bothers them. Again, if Halle truly feared for her safety she could hire a bodyguard to fend off any potential problems. Moving to another country to get away from them doesn’t make sense to Gabriel. Yes, Halle is followed at times, but she isn’t Princess Diana!”


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  1. I love how some people just “have it all figured out”. Because theres just no way that this A list actor got in her car and was followed by one the 10 men with cameras that practically live outside her place and got a picture of her. Nah…. completely outta the question.

  2. He’s not from Cali and neither is Halle. The nerve of him – trying to dictate to her where to live & what to spend her money on! I hope he gets deported.

  3. Uhm, what is ‘the judge’ going to ascertain from these pics? How are they playing in Halle’s favour? Do tell.

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