January Jones & Xander’s Shoe Shopping Spree

Xander’s getting a new pair of shoes!

January Jones and her little man were spotted shopping at a Los Angeles, Calif. baby shoe store on Friday (June 22). Nine-month old Xander tried on a few different pairs of sneakers and played with another little boy while mama shopped.

The X-Men: First Class actress revealed that she is frugal with material items such as art, fancy cars and big houses and she likes to save her hard earned dollars…for the most part.

“I try to wear clothes that don’t need to be dry cleaned,” she shared. “But I do like to spend on shoes.”

Earlier this week, the Mad Men star debuted her new red hairdo and took her tot to his doctor’s appointment.


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  1. OMG no way, really!!!? Way to go January lol. I swear I’ve only seen ONE pic of him with shoes on and I read my gossip websites daily! Xander is the cutest lil thing btw.

  2. Xander is gorgeous!! Looks a good mixture of Mom and Dad (I still say Matthew Vaughn looks more likely the father than Jason Sudakis – it’s totally her own business of course…but that doesn’t stop us speculating!)
    I’ve always liked JJ, she looks lovely.

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