Kate Gosselin Treats The Kids To Ice Cream

Kate Gosselin and her 11-year-old daughter Mady were seen carrying ice cream in Wernersville, PA on Friday (June 22). The rest of the kids – Cara, 11, and 8-year-old sextuplets Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel waited in the van. Mady helped serve out their treats from Rita’s Ice Cream. Kate had her hair up in a pony tail and wore a red strapless dress with a paisley design.

Earlier in the day the former Kate Plus 8 star  was seen with the kids doing a bit of gardening. During that chore she wore a pink strapless dress.

Her ex-husband Jon Gosselin recently said she was a “great mom” in an interview.

He told People, “I’ll call [Kate] up and say, ‘Mady’s sick. What do I do?’ And she’ll tell me. She’s a great Mom. We just have different parenting styles.”

Three years after their acrimonious divorce – Jon says he’s sorry for the way he behaved.

He said, “I am sorry, because I did stuff I wouldn’t want done to me.”


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  1. Wow, a mother that has no talent and has made her children work for their keep is so kind to splurge on ice cream for her exploited money makers. So how did the camera lens know mother Gosselin was going for ice cream? Pathetic child exploitation.

    • Noooo.. you never let children do chores… and teach them how to maintain a garden. It’s healty for them to get involved early.. it’s not heavy work or something. You stupid…

      (sorry for my English… i’m Dutch)

  2. This woman pays for lab assistance to create these children, births them, gets on welfare to pay for the medical and in-home care services provided by the state of PA, then exploits the children and their lives for tabloid fame, awesome. At least Octomom isn’t exploiting her welfare brood.

    • And you’d have done the same if Hollywood had offered you big bucks to film the life of you, your twins, and your sextuplets.

      You feel jealous because she was given something you don’t feel she was entitled to, but until you hear from those kids that they felt used and abused, why don’t you shut the f*ck up because you’re just talking out your ass with no proof of anything.

      • Oh my, your comments are quite delusional. The point is the kids are too little and have only known a life with cameras and life events splashed all over the media. So asking the kids is a shameless and mute point. Jon and Kate made this spectacle and continue the shameless exploitation. So time will till when the kids are much older.

        But the kids are nothing special, where held back in school for aggressive behaviors, have speech impediments, constantly fight with each other, and blah, blah, blah. Healthy, get a reality check and therapy Oh My.

        • Here’s a newsflash: A family with twins and thriving sextuplets IS something special, whether you want to recognize it or not. I think the ratings for years on their show proved that. People are over it now, so the ratings drop. That isn’t surprising.

          A speech impediment? Is that the BEST you can do? What a fool you are.

  3. I’d be interested to know what the people who hate Kate think of “Toddlers and Tiara” and, now, the spinoff “Honey Honey Boo Boo” or something like that. I haven’t thought of Kate Gosselin for a long time. Why not focus on the people who are REALLY exploiting their children? Different standards because the latter?

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