Jessica Simpson Tweets Her Post-Baby Cleavage

Musical mama Jessica Simpson showed off her new post-baby curves in this revealing photo posted to Twitter today.

“Just taking a walk around the block… Street legal???” asked the star, who welcomed daughter Maxwell Drew last month.

Jessica has teamed with Weight Watchers in effort to lose her pregnancy pounds – she reportedly signed a deal worth $4 million with the popular weight loss company – and has been hitting the gym on a regular basis over the past several weeks.

“It would be nice to feel comfortable in a bikini, but that’s not my goal,” she’s said. “I just want to fit into jeans!”



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  1. No clue why this chick feels the need to overshare every. single. aspect. of her life. Ok, you have ginormous vessels of milk…wonderful. So do I but I just don’t have the urge to post pics of them. Maybe she is going for shock value but it comes across as just plain pathetic.

    • Well, she is a celebrity and you are on . .. it’s kind of what they do. If you aren’t DOING anything, you need to stay relevant some how. We are talking about her, right? Then it’s working

    • Miranda kerr posted a photo of her breastfeeding her baby as the first photo so i don’t know why people are criticizing Jessica Simpson? Would you rather Jessica have the baby breast feeding on her breast like Miranda? Would that make you all happy?

  2. I think she’s crazy . . . just completely, utterly, psychotically nuts. How is it that people like this become so incredibly wealthy in this country??? It sure doesn’t speak well for us as Americans.

    • You are sooo right!! She has 0% class and a HUGE ego. But truthfully , these websites give her exactly what she wants and gets paid for- OVEREXPOSURE!! I’m embarressed for her..

      • You do know that wasn’t Jessica that posted that comment right?
        The poster didn’t say Jessica has stretch marks, she said SHE did.

    • Can’t tell from the photo but gaining a lot of weight rapidly can cause them and from the looks of her pre-baby pictures, she did seem to pack on quite a bit of weight. Good thing she works for Weight Watchers now.

  3. I’m sure this photo and her comments is because she is being paid to continue with being ditzy and remember there is no bad press in her business! She’s taking it to the bank and she has a inner circle of family and friends who give her the love and support she needs. Jessica is very aware of how she is perceived, she probably cares a bit but, having the wealth is more important.

  4. Does anyone else think its weird she chose Drew as the middle name? After all, thats Nick’s brother’s name… Just found it a lil odd. Its nice to see she has some confidence after giving birth but really? Dont need to see her ginormous goodies which we all know now hang to her belly button… Ah, the wonderful side affects of pregnancy 😉

  5. I think she thinks she’s being cute, but she always comes across as gross and desperate for attention. This picture is no exception.

  6. Just because you can say rude things about someone because she opens herself up to criticism as you say, doesn’t mean you should nor does it make it right. She just had a baby and has been going to the gym to lose weight, give the girl a break.

    • Ok, why I’m even responding to you is beyond me but here goes anyway. Ms Simpson posted a pic of her cleavage and compared herself to a prostitute asking her followers if she seemed street legal? I think this opens her up to whatever comments anyone on this blog wants to say.

      • LOL I don’t know why you are responding either, guess you just can’t help it. And pretty sure that isn’t what she meant when she said street legal, comparing herself to a prostitute. A joke about whether it is legal to walk about with that much cleavage showing. My goodness I bet you are one uptight person.

      • Is taht REALLY how you interpreted what she said?!?!?!

        I used almost the same sentence once after I had my daughter, when I was completely engorged and said to my sister, “Are these things even legal?”.

        {People, citizens like “X” get to actually vote. It gives me chills to think about.}

  7. Lol. I just had my first baby 10 months ago so I totally relate and understand how she feels 😀 I was like … Wth woah. I even look back at pictures and I asked my husband why he didnt tell me to pull up my shirt more 😀 they get HUGE. I’m still breastfeeding but they are normal size now.

  8. I could perhaps see some beauty in the photo if her newborn were nursing and included in the photo. But considering the mother took her own photo sans baby and sent it out for all to see, I’m guessing she is very proud of that hideous veiny rack and vacant slack-jawed facial expression of hers. At least no photo of her is as damaging as hearing her sing. Hopefully she will retire to raise a family and we’ve heard the last of her.

    • Hideous veiny rack? Are you SERIOUS degrading this woman because she has VEINS?!?!?!

      Oh. My. Freaking. God.

  9. She just had a baby , that would be why she is fat. Get a life! She is a real woman who splurge a lil when thair pregnant and get chubby , I sure you did the same

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