Jennifer Garner & Seraphina: Park Playdate!

Three-year-old Seraphina was all smiles as her mom Jennifer Garner sent her soaring on the swing while on a park playdate in Pacific Palisades, California on Saturday (June 23).

Sera had her movie star mom all to herself today as the pretty pair were without dad Ben Affleck and siblings Violet and Samuel. The Juno star was hands-on as always, chasing her happy preschooler around the park and helping her tackle the playground monkey bars.

Jen’s husband was recently in Washington, DC to raise awareness about child mortality rates in developing countries. While there, he explained how being a father has inspired him to work for change:

“I have three children who fall into the vulnerable age range. I cannot imagine what it would’ve been like driving my wife to the hospital pregnant, about to give birth and thinking to myself well there’s a 15 percent chance that each of these children won’t live to be five years old.”


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  1. I admire Jennifer Garner. She is such a hands on kind of Mom. She takes her kids out without worrying about the paparazzi and enjoys being with her children, You never see her in the tabloids constantly like other celebrities who love the camera! You never see her with any nannies when out with her children. Her and Ben are raising these children of theirs the right way. Kudos goes out to them! I can’t wait to see their baby Samuel. I am sure he will be making his debut some day in the near future.

  2. I hate to break it to some of you, but Jen does have and does use nannies. I think she seems like a good mom, but no different or better than most other moms. Why put her on a pedestal? Why is she any more ‘hands on’ than others? I admire the real everyday normal moms out there, that do it all alone with no nannies, assistants, chefs and housekeepers. They take ‘all’ of their children with them, not just 1 or 2. And who couldn’t be more hands on if they had extra help at home??

    • Obviously she has nannies, she just doesn’t rely on them 24/7 like certain other celebs – Gwen Stefani – who even bring nannies on family outings where both parents (and sometimes other adults) are present. Garner seems to genuinely enjoy spending time with her kids and puts them first.

  3. The reason we are impressed is she could have other people doing it but yet does it herself, she has a choice. Most Mom’s don’t, she has all the money she does and yet does the little things which is a big deal in Hollywood.

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