Kate Hudson: Boating With Bing

Kate Hudson and her family spent time on Sir Philip Green’s luxury yacht in Saint Tropez on Monday (June 25). The actress had lots of shopping bags to take on board. During the boat ride she was seen relaxing in the sun showing off her bikini body. Bing, almost 1, sucked on his pacifier and was carried around by presumably the nanny.

Later on Kate, her fiance Matt Bellamy, Bing and Ryder, 8, disembarked to board a helicopter.

Kate will be making a guest appearance on the fourth season of Glee. Cast member Lea Michele explained that Kate’s character will clash with Rachel Berry.

“Dance is not Rachel’s strong point, but as a freshman it’s a requirement class she has to take. It will put Rachel in a very vulnerable place, stuck with a teacher who doesn’t make it easy for her.”




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  1. Oh no! Not a nanny! Whyever would they need a nanny just to be on vacation on a boat. Both of his parents are there, how come they can’t watch their own baby? Sad how some celebs pawn their kids off on others so they can lie in the sun.


  2. I get having a nanny to mind the kids while the parents are working, but why the hell do they need a nanny when mom is right there?

    • Because children are pain in the *ss sometimes and when you have the money you pay someone to ta care of your spoiled little brats. Why bother doing anoyings things when you can pay someone to do it…

  3. Who cares about the nanny. That crotch dangling carrier is horrible! Why do people put their babies in those things?!?

    • I agree! There are so many more comfortable options, for both mother and child, around that I just don’t understand why anyone would chose a Baby Bjorn or similar- especially someone who clearly has means enough to afford something well-made and supportive. Oh well, her choice. Cute baby!

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