Kendra Wilkinson & Hank Baskett’s Shopping Sweetie

Kendra Wilkinson and her two Hanks went grocery shopping in Calabasas, Calif. on Sunday (June 24). As they were heading to their car – Hank Jr., 2 1/2, closed his eyes and made a funny face while in his mother’s arms.

He’s so cute the couple should give him a sibling! However Kendra recently said she’s not planning to get pregnant any time soon.

When the family were visited by a friend and her newborn baby – it turned the reality star off.

She said of her husband Hank Baskett, “He really wants another baby. He was like, ‘Look how cute he is,’ and I was like, ‘No!’ The reality set in and I was like, ‘Oh, God.’”




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  1. Alright that child is absolutely adorable and has gorgeous hair, but please trim it, cut it or whatever you have to do to it as it is just way too out of control! Oh I forgot to mention, don’t like her at all. She thinks she is all that and a bag of chips!!

  2. I don’t really know who they are (I’m from Europe), but whenever I see them on this website, they look like an absolutely lovely family.

  3. Hank Jr is so adorable. Hes one of the cutest celebrity kids. I love the AFRO. Dont cut, trim or get rid of it. Let him rock out with his Natural curly hair. I wish I had an Afro like that Id rock it nearky everyday. My hair is wavy. God invented AC for Afros when it gets too HOT.

  4. Sorry but that child is average looking in my opinion. His hair is not an afro. I have the same hair as he does. He needs a haircut or they should brush his hair, when it’s wet (because when you brush it when it’s dry it will look like a mess), because his hair looks like a bird nest to me. Sorry, but I don’t think he is that cute at all.

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