Sarah Michelle Gellar & Her California Cutie

Expectant mama Sarah Michelle Gellar was photographed with her 2-year-old daughter Charlotte on Saturday (June 23). The Buffy alum helped her adorable tot balance along a concrete wall as they strolled in Los Angeles, Calif.

The week before, we spotted the mother-daughter duo walking hand-in-hand while out and about in Brentwood.

SMG and her handsome hubby Freddie Prinze Jr will have plenty to celebrate this year! Not only are they expecting their second child, but their 10th wedding anniversary is in September.


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    • She is wearing black legging, low converse and a vintage style rolling stone shirt in bright colors (including pink). what boy do you know that wears leggings? I love her outfit very New York.

  1. For viewers who are new to this site, I can see why they would mistake her for a boy. Dressed in a cut off Rolling Stone t-shirt with black sneakers – NYC Mommy – what girl do YOU know that wears that? I live in NYC and I don’t see 2 year old girls wearing that.

      • Ivy, why are you so judgemental? Were you raised by cruel small minded people so you’re unable to imagine how others might view the world? I only asked because I work with people like you and medication really helps. Might even get yourself some friends who do more than tolerate you!

    • Adalaide – I see boys and girls dressed in black all the time in NYC. We are fashion forward here. But what I want to know if where have you ever seen a boy wearing leggings? and rocker shirt with pink flourscent lips????

  2. Charlotte is adorable! I think she looks much older than two though…maybe it’s how maturely her mother dresses her. Either way she is super cute & will be super pretty when she is older. 🙂

  3. Oh, big whoop if she’s dressed as a boy (she’s not, by the way). Girls can’t wear black t-shirts pants and sneakers? Sheeesh.

    I think that outfit is way cuter than a lot of girl’s fashions today.

  4. So are some people saying she has to wear pink, purple, dresses, and skirts with flowers/lace to be “dress” like a girl. If so you are clearly living in the dark ages it’s 2012 people wake up wearing black dose not make one dress like a boy.

  5. If girls aren’t supposed to be wearing black, graphic tees, & converse sneakers then maybe Adalaide & Anonymous should begin organizing some nationwide seminars instructing us on how to dress. I’d say a nice chunk of us females are doing it wrong.

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