Alyson Hannigan Tweets Baby Weight Blues

American Pie star Alyson Hannigan and her husband Alexis Denisof welcomed their second daughter – Keeva Jane –  on May 23rd and since that magical day, Alyson has remained fairly quiet on her Twitter page, revealing only one image of her baby girl’s tiny hand.

However, the How I Met Your Mother star recently tweeted her worries about not losing the baby weight quickly enough in Tinseltown.

“I think by Hollywood standards I’m supposed to be in bikini shape now that my baby is 4 weeks old,” she playfully tweeted on Thursday. “My workout goal: Food drops in lap, not on belly.”

Despite her woes, fans of the star showed their support for “setting a good example” and not rushing to lose the baby weight.

Alyson replied, “I still haven’t lost all the weight from my first daughter. Oh well.”

Keeva, 1-month-old – who joins big sister Satyana, 3 – seems to be giving her mama a hard time in the sleep department as well.

“Remember when we used to sleep together? – – Me to my pillow,” she joked.



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  1. I don’t get it. You work in Hollywood where a certain aesthetic is expected. Part of that aesthetic is weight.

    You had a baby. Who says you have to lose it in 4 weeks? No one, UNLESS you plan on going back to work right away and need to be back to your “pre-fighting” weight. If not, what’s the issue?

    • Seems disingenous to me. She didn’t put on that much weight in the first place so I highly doubt she’s too far from the Hollywood ideal at this point.

  2. I don’t understand these woman. You just had a baby, just enjoy that! Weight shouldn’t be your first concern, because you get nothing from that!

    • She’s not saying it’s her first concern. She’s saying its a major concern in the entertainment industry, which puts a lot of pressure on celebrities to lose weight very soon after giving birth. Fashion/gossip magazines are full of stories about this person or that person’s post-baby weight loss, how much they lost and how fast they lost it. Online comments about a female celebrity giving birth will almost invariably include something about ‘losing the weight’.

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