Giveaway: phil&teds Dot & Navigator Strollers (a $590 & $650 Value)

phil&teds is proud to introduce their new generation of inline strollers : Dot and Navigator.

phil&teds a company striving to help parents adapt & survive and avoid being prisoners of the nursery, by making products that adapt to allow them to live a dynamic lifestyle with kids. Phil&teds is famous for its invention of the inline stroller that grows with your family and adapts to take one or two children from newborn to 5 years.

Dot is the most compact phil&teds stroller to date but still offers full size seats (above on left). Dot is ideal for parents who value compactness for small spaces in the city (elevators, stairs, small apartments, car boots…) but still want a multi-terrain stroller to negotiate rough terrains in the city (parks, pavement, gravel, cobblestone…). Dot offers a sleep ideal one hand recline DK and our new snug carrycot as an accessory. Snug carrycot has a nice soft mattress and a bonnet style hood that make dot the perfect stroller choice for first time parents. Value: $589.98 (stroller and double kit).

phil&teds Navigator is the “go everywhere inline.” It is fully featured, offering a sleep ideal one hand recline DK, many color options for liners and sun hood to customize your stroller and a luxurious, matte and soft finished fabric. Navigator is also compatible with our new snug carrycot and is even more first time parent ideal thanks to our new face-to-face parent facing seat accessory that clips onto the frame to enjoy extra intimacy and bonding with baby at a crucial developmental stage. Value : $649.99 (stroller and double kit).

Albee Baby is one of the first retailers in the nation taking pre-orders on the Dot and Navigator. Get your order in today at

We are giving away a phil&teds Dot stroller and double kit (above on left) to 1 lucky reader (value: $589.98). We are ALSO giving away a phil&teds Navigator stroller and double kit to another lucky reader (value: $649.99)!

One Easy Way to Enter:
Leave a comment here with a valid email address (will not be published). Please state your favorite feature of the phil&teds Dot and Navigator strollers in the comments below. Two winners will be chosen at random at the end of the contest. One entry per person, per day.

This contest ends Wednesday, June 27th at 7:00 pm EST. This contest is open to Canada and US residents only! Good luck!
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  1. I really like the wheel structure and the umbrellas, these look like they are great for a family who does not like to stay inside. We live in Ga and are expecting our first child, to have a stroller that is great for the outdoors and guards from the sun would be a wonderful surprise.

  2. I love how it is compact…I want to downsize my suv but its hard with two little ones. Love the colors as well!

  3. This is a FANTASTIC prize! The stroller colors, along with the design are great! Would love to win this.

  4. Love the color combinations on the navigator, Mostly love the ability to have a single (or double) feature without having to carry 2 different strollers!

  5. I love that its simple, comftable, lite and very cute, and that its really great for every days need i really need one jajaja would recomend it, in puerto rico its rare to see them i would love to show off jaja great item and colors.

  6. That it is only a single size but I can put both of my little lovies in there. It’s hard to get around with a wide double stroller! This would make life so much simpler:)

  7. i love the bright colors it’s the most stylish double stroller I’ve seen yet I’m expecting twin boys this October and this stroller would be great!

  8. I love that both of these strollers are so narrow they will definitely fit through the door of a store no problem!

  9. How compact is the best feature, we live in a 3 story apt complex & it’ looks so much better then double strollers I’ve seen tendents with 🙂

  10. I love that it works well on any terrain, this would be great to take walks with the kids & still be able to control the dogs!!

  11. I would love to win this for my little angel, If I was to win this I would be the talk of the town every one would be asking where I got it and I would tell them Celebrity Baby Scoop
    giveaway 🙂 Love the multi-color that is going on with this stroller

  12. The 2nd seat option is amazing…looking to have another one & this would be a wonderful stroller to add to the family!

  13. First of all I have to say i love the cool colors.The feature i love about the Navigator stroller is the one hand recline and the feature i love about the dot stroller is the compact full-sized seats.Oh and i really like how you can choose to use or not to use the 2nd seat.Makes these both amazing strollers for growing families!! 🙂

  14. I love that it’s multi-terrain, compact double stroller and one hand recline! This would be a perfect bday gift for me, I would LOVE to win!!

  15. Exactly what I need for our treks along Lake Shore Drive in Chicago! Love how compact (so pedestrians and cabs don’t yell at me!) and colorful it is! My 2 peanuts will love it!!

  16. I love the new face-to-face parent facing seat accessory that clips onto the frame to enjoy extra intimacy and bonding with baby !

  17. I love how it’s compact even if it’s a double stroller. It is narrow and won’t be hard to navigate through crowded malls or doorways. I especially love how you have the option of converting it to a single stroller, so when my older child gets… older, I can continue to keep using the stroller for my youngest child. Great value and long term use!

  18. I think I’m echoing a lot of people here, but I love how compact the stroller is. I’ve had to handle a double stroller before that was anything but convenient. It was wide, didn’t fit through doorways and was hard to maneuver. I bet this one doesn’t have that problem!

  19. I love how the double stroller feature and can hold a child up to 5 years old. I have a 4 year old and a newborn and my 4 year old has to be in a stroller like his brother and I would love to get a double stroller so I don’t have to push 2 strollers around.

  20. I am loving the new design for both strollers and that they are basically a compact double jogging stroller which is almost unheard of.

  21. I think the best part are the full sized seats. It’s nice to know when you’re spending good money on a stroller, that it will grow with your kids.

  22. I love that it is the only stroller you will ever need! It is compact, has three wheels, works for newborns, is a single and double stroller, has great colors, and one hand fold. It is the ideal stroller 🙂

  23. I love the vibrant colors, the ability to have two little ones being pushed at once, the 3 wheels, and the pattern! I would love to win!

  24. I LOVE how compact it is!!!! A compact double stroller is virtually unheard of! Not to mention the design is super cute and sleek!

  25. As a mother of 2 it would be fabulous to win one of these strollers. The colors are unlike any stroller and size of this stroller would make daily outings and trips everywhere such a breeze!

  26. I love the European style with the three wheel all-terrain design! I also love that it can be used for longer than your typical stroller, age 5! wow!

  27. Oh my goodness this will be perfect for us when we welcome baby #2 🙂 and we bought our orbit from Albeebaby what a great retailer!!

  28. I love that its a compact double and also has large wheels and tires for off road. It would be perfect I have two children.

  29. I recently heard about the phil&teds strollers; a friend of mine has one so she let me borrow it for a day and I felt in love with it…now I know what all the fuzz is about! It is a great investment, it is durable and practical…you wont need to buy a second stroller; my friend has two boys age 1 and 3, and the phil&teds stroller is the only one she has every used. If I win, I would love to share my experience with other moms at the park and let them know about my one of a kind phil&teds stroller

  30. I love that this stroller is compact…we live in a small apartment and have a sedan and are due with baby number 3 next month. So I’ll have one walker and two non walkers. Oh the fun we could have with this sleek stroller!

  31. As a soon to be first time parent, I really love how the Navigator and Dot are customizable and can expand to accommodate two children but remain a compact size. Should we decide to have another baby in a couple years we won’t have to buy a new stroller. More bang for your buck!

  32. i love the fact that it is a double stroller and the colors are amazing. itd be perfect for both sexes which is perfect for me because i have a boy and am pregnant with a girl 🙂 and i love that its got 3 wheels and is small

  33. Well, first – i love the COLORS!
    and i also love that it’s all-terrain. we have lots of cobblestones in the city!

  34. I love the vibrant colors featured on both strollers ssI also love that both strollers can handle 2 children from newborn to 5 years of age!!!

  35. This is the perfect stroller for shopping and traveling. It is compact seating creates a single stroller feel. I would love one!

  36. What a cool Colors! I Have a 2 and 1 year old boys Who are mi entre happines… And also keep me and my wife super busy! Why tried to manage otselves when we are outside home since we don’t have a double stroller, it’s kind a hard. So this is a great chance to have the perfect stroller. Phill and Teds inline stroller is perfect.. I have seen those outside and I know they’re out of my budget… It’s the perfect one for my two boys.. Hope Iwe make it 🙂

  37. I love that the Dot is small but has a full size seat. I love that the Navigator can almost go anywhere on and off the road.

  38. My favorite feature of the Dot is its compactness. And favorite feature of the Navigator is the face-to-face parent facing seat.

  39. I love the canopy cover and the compact size. I need a stroller that is easier on the go and fun to show off!!

  40. Dot: I like the size…its not bulby but it still can fit two children!
    Navigator: I like I can go “off roading” with this stroller (gravel or pavement…lol)

  41. I love that the Dot is great on rough terrain, and that the Navigator allows for face-the-parent seating. Perfection! Would love to win either, thanks so much!

  42. Love the compactness and yet it has all the features for baby to sleep.Colors are great!!!Phil and Ted make awesome strollers!!!!!

  43. I am loving the new design for both strollers and that they are basically a compact double jogging stroller which is almost unheard of.

  44. I love that this stroller is versatile enough to be used as a single or double, but is small like a single stroller.

  45. I love the way it is so compact!! I am also in love with the bright colors! So great for the little ones and adults!

  46. Especially love that it’s a double-stroller without being bulky or difficult to maneuver, the multi-terrain wheels, the recline feature, and mattress for coziness! We have 4 little ones, and this would be perfect for our 2-yr old and our bundle-on-the-way!

  47. I love the air tires and the large canopy! The bright colors are so cool. My little guy would love to ride in this:).

  48. A double stroller the size of a single stroller is so, so great, especially when walking through crowded areas!

  49. The feature that stands out the most to me on the phil&teds Dot and Navigator strollers is the fact that they are compact, but are still very versatile. I look at each of these strollers and think, ” Wow, I can take this with me anywhere and allow all of us to be comfortable!”

  50. The bright colors are so cool. Lots room for both kids. Great for the city or for taking a hike, it my kind of stroller.

  51. love the colors. it looks fantastic. also crazy about the face-to-face parent facing seat accessory. when i had my first child, we had to try to find our own that was compatible and that was kind of a pain to do. it would have made it so much easier had that part just been included with the original stroller.

  52. i love that i can fit up to age 5! my son is large for his age, so he’d be out of most strollers before he’s 2.5 yr! 🙁

  53. Huge phil&ted’s fan! I love the versatility, I am expecting another and its great that i can have a sleek, double, jogging, newborn compatible stroller without adding much more size wise, perfect!

  54. Great design Phil&Teds! Lot’s of great features. Biggest is back seat (second) recline!!! Bright colors! Very Palm Springs !

  55. I just love that this stroller will grow with my son! It will practically take him all the way to kindergarten 🙂

  56. I love the versatility of these strollers – they can grow with your children and are suitable for infants up to 5 years.

  57. It is not easy handling 2 kids with just 18 months age gap and not helping with a clingy 3 years old toddler.

    With this double stroller, the one hand fast fold and the flip flop friendly features will definitely help me in handling the 2 kids all by myself. And of course with the bright color liners, the kids can identify themselves to their color and I will definitely have an easier time coaxing them to get in the stroller.

    This must be the most ideal double stroller out in the market right now.

  58. Love that you can fit a baby and a toddler in it and not take up a whole isle in a store! Awesome looking strollers!

  59. I really love how sleek it is as a double stroller. It doesn’t look bulky or hard to maneuver, plus I love the bright colors!


  60. The bright colors are perfect for young parents who don’t want to be “boring” yet! And I love that they are three wheeled but still compact- perfect for joining the dog for walks AND shopping in our small town in the Rockies.

  61. There’s so much to LOVE. I love that the Dot is so compact and you can reverse the seat on the Navigator. Love, Love that both can change from single to double and the colors are awesome.

  62. The stroller is incredible! Everything from it’s funky, sleek look, to the colors, to being a single/dual stroller and so much more! I just want to be the mom with THAT stroller!

  63. Gotta love the compact double stroller style and functionality alongside the great colors! Would love one for my family!

  64. I LOVE the colors and how they are compact and ideal for the mom on the go with a tiny one and a not so tiny one!!! LOVE them!!!

  65. I was crazy searching compact double stroller last few weeks… and winner is P&T. Here is giveway P&T Navigator. Why not, who knows to win this wonderful pushchair!

  66. The best feature of the Dot is that it can grow with our growing family! I won’t need a new stroller when we have a second child- I can keep using and loving the P&t’s Dot!

  67. I love both these strollers.My favorite features are the vibrant colors as well as easy folding.My newborn son due this late summer would look so cool and hip in one of these!

  68. I love how its for 2 babys, which i really need. I love how it has bright colors which my babies would love. I like the three wheels and the seatbelts. Whats not to like about this stroller?

  69. I love that the dot is compact and easy to move around the city. The navigator is a perfect smooth ride for both babies especially being able to see my newborn face to face!

  70. My favorite feature of Dot is one hand recline DK and my favorite feature of Navigator is soft finished fabric. thank you for the chance.

  71. Not only are the strollers fun bright colors, but the fact that they can grow with the family make them even more awesome. I love that I could take the stroller on a rugged trail one day and be just as comfortable taking it to the mall the next. I adore everything about these strollers!!

  72. I love the invention of the inline stroller that grows with your family and adapts to take one or two children from newborn to 5 years!!!!!!!! I am about to have my first but want to have a second and could really use this!!!

  73. We are expecting our first this year and know that we plan to try for #2 not *too long* after, so this single-to-double stroller is ideal for our new family! Plus the cute colors and tri-wheel style look fantastic!

  74. I love how colorful these strollers are! definately a bright spot in my day each time I would look at it! Being able to cary 1 or 2 in one stroller is just a necessity and makes this stroller fit the bill!

  75. Absolutely love how compact the stroller is. I love that this grows with a family, from 1 infant to a toddler and infant and so on…perfect lifetime stroller

  76. It is good to age 5 and holds multiple kids – it would be so cool to have one stroller sitting around instead of 3!

  77. I LOVE the second seat on the bottom and how compact it is. I have 10 month old twins and trying to find a compact double stroller that will fit down an isle or thru a door way would be amazing! the stroller colors are super cute too!

  78. Love the.gorgeous colors! But my fav is the way i.could possibly have both my 2yr old & nb ride safely & without the.bulkiness like most doubles. 🙂

  79. I’m loving this stroller and I am hoping that with some luck that I could win something so wonderful! My son did not get a baby shower or sprinkle, and this would be the ultimate gift for him! I would take our old stroller and donate it to Harbor House if we win!

  80. I love how this is a double that takes the space of a single when out and about. Getting through doorways will be a breeze!

  81. I love how you can use the new snug carrycot with these strollers.Makes it more comfy for newborns!Thanks CBS for this super cool giveaway!

  82. I really want this stroller for my new son coming.My wife would be thrilled if we won.Thanks Celebrity baby scoop! 🙂

  83. I’m currently pregnant with my first, already looking down the road to a second and this convertible stroller will help me grow my family with ease!

  84. I LOVE this stroller! I have been looking for a compact double and this is AMAZING! I love the bright colors as well and that you can mix them up!

  85. Having 5 children under age 8 AND my sweet husband currently deployed, anything to help me in any way with the kiddos is always nice!!!

  86. There’s so much to LOVE. I love that the Dot is so compact and you can reverse the seat on the Navigator. Love, Love that both can change from single to double and the colors are awesome.

  87. Love the compactness and crazy colors! Due with my second in one month so I could really use a double stroller!

  88. Colorful COLORFUL eye catching fun!!!!! Who could be blue pushing this around? especially since it can carry 2 or one!

  89. Sill love the inline seating!! I live in a crowded city and need something streamline to navigate through the crowds… This stroller would be perfection!!

  90. It’s great that it is an all terrain stoller! Our family does aot of hiking/camping, this would be a great stroller!

  91. I loves that this stroller has the flexibility to contain 2 children without taking up the extra space that most other doubles tend to. So when my older child is no longer feeling the need to be in the stroller, I can simply take off the second seat so it’s just my baby in the stroller. I LOVE Phil & Ted’s for being a leader in the industry of strollers, Way to change the industry for the better 🙂 Thanks Phil & Ted’s

  92. I like it that it is a New Zealand Company. I am also a huge fan of strollers that convert to double strollers but aren’t double wide!

  93. When my husband and were shopping for strollers for our baby boy, we could find one that we liked that included all the features AND large wheels. We really like the wheels, easier to push the stroller through the grass, not such a bulky stroller, plus it can hold two kids. Love it!

  94. It’s the last day for this stroller, and all I want is to get an email saying that we won! Such an amazing giveaway, and I want to thank Phil and Ted’s and CBS for offering this! I love the colors, how sleek and fun it is, that it’s a dual stroller for our son and daughter! Would be the coolest looking stroller on the block! Hope we win!

  95. I have taken up walking with my 2 year old for exercise. I’m loving getting active again and plan on trying for another baby soon. I have been worried about how to get my walks in and what stoller to look for. I could never afford one of these but they look amazing and since I live in the country I need a double stroller that can go in the dirt as well as asphalt. I love that these strollers can do that!

  96. I love that it’s a double stroller that is the size of a single stroller! I also love that new face-to-parent option! I have the original Phil&Ted inline and desperately need a new one! Come on! Pick me Random Number Generator!

  97. I love the bright colors and the face to face to face seating. I also love that Phil & Ted’s are inline! No more wide, bulky double stroller!m

  98. I say YES to a stroller that has happy bright colors, a sleek efficient design for both kiddos to stroll in and architecture stylish enough to be used as an everyday everywhere stroller AND a wheel base sturdy enough to hit the trails with mom and dad.

  99. I love that you can use it as a sigle or (compact) double. I will have a newborn and a 2 yr old. Much more functional than my big old side by side double stroller!

  100. Would love this stroller for our growing family. It’s got a spot for toddler a d a baby, which is pretty perfect

  101. The colors are not “babyish” and the convertible style will allow me to grow my family with just one stroller!

  102. Just look at those colors! Especially the Navigator! Color color color me happy! I adore the splash of bright when babies end up in so much pastel. This is a bright happy stroller! Both of my boys would be happy to be able to be together in this one stroller and i would be happy and Proud to be pushing this Phil&Teds!

  103. I love the Dot because it’s lighter and folds smaller but you can still use it for grass and wood chips. I like the Navigator because it has many different fabric textures and colors and can fit the new Snug cot!

  104. Would be GREAT since we have a 1 year old and a newborn!!!! (He just turned 2 weeks!) I like that it’s compact!

  105. I love all the features of both strollers. They are compact, goes from single to double, large canopy and the colors are great!

  106. I love the green and black colors. I also love that its compact. It would AMAZING to not have to push a big heavy stroller around.

  107. The colors are not “babyish” and the convertible style will allow me to grow my family with just one stroller!

  108. I love that it would be able to accommodate our 2 year old and the baby we are planning for. It is the only stroller I have found that has every dream feature I am looking for.

  109. I love the option to do a double stroller! Perfect for my 3 year old & 10 month old! I love that they are all terrain strollers, I also love the one hand recline and the different seating options on the navigator! –

  110. I absolutely love this stroller! it is compact and modern and it would be perfect for my 3 year old and 6 months old boys.

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