Megan Fox Debuts Her Bikini Baby Bump!

Yes, congratulations are definitely in order for Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green!

Though the Transformers star and her handsome husband have kept mum on the recent baby rumors, these new pics from their romantic Hawaiian getaway leave no doubt: She’s pregnant!

The photos show Brian caressing his bride’s bare baby bump as they take in the beautiful view from their private terrace. The couple are celebrating more than just the baby on the way – they’re vacationing in Hawaii, where they tied the knot, to mark their second anniversary.

Though the baby will be her first, Megan has plenty of parenting experience with Brian’s 9-year-old son Kassius:

“She’s an amazing stepmom. [My son] loves her. They have a great relationship. She’s always had a special bond with him. They love each other to death,” Brian gushed earlier this year. “She’s been in my son’s life since he was 2. She’s been amazing.”


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  1. Congrats to them and all but I think it’s really lame to “announce” your pregnancy by paying a paparazzi to come and take clearly overly staged photos of you.

    That is not a natural moment caught by an unseen photog. That looks akward and fake.

    • i agree..these look awkward…he looks slightly confused and like he’s forcing not saying they arent happy or anything but his facial expressions give it away..not to mention all the silly poses…come on..NO ONE poses like that naturally..

    • I got second hand embarrassment looking at those. A bit TMI, especially the first one with megan arching her butt out and kissing Brian while he is looking all kinds of awkward.

  2. So awkward and staged. I hope this is the last of these type of photos we see of them. I am already over them. I wish them a happy and healthy pregnancy. But between the umbrella photos and these I am over these two.

  3. LOL i was gonna say the same thing. Yeah congrats and all, and no more hiding pics, but i agree that those pics are 100% staged. Maybe that was the intention, instead of going to a studio and shot those pics they decided to do it in the outdoors? I dont know.

  4. I’m confused — how do you know that they are photos from paparazzi? What if they are staged photos that they released through their publicists or directly by social media?

    (And, to be clear, I’m not defending them — I’m not fans of either. But I also don’t think there’s anything wrong with women keeping a pregnancy secret for as long as they want to… It’s a private thing, and I don’t really think that Megan planned to hide it forever.)

    • They don’t look like “paparazzi” photos to me, they look like posed photos. Seems like they probably had a photographer take them (not a paparazzi).

  5. I’m not sure they’re staged. She looks great, but Brian looks chubby and old in the picture. I can’t imagine them wanting this to be their big shot. He’s vain too, right?

  6. omg, so fake. how low can they go?? lol i think shes gonna wh0re her baby around once its born. she will also sell pics of the baby. smh 🙁

  7. All this hiding and attitude, so they could do the tacky photoshoot for the world to see that they are pregnant. Guess what millions of people are pregnant everyday, you are nothing special. His ex-wife must be puking at the sight of these pictures

  8. So staged and pathetic. Before- there were loose clothes, taking umbrellas everywhere and running away from paparazzi. Now, when they got paid, they’re showing it off with fake smilies. That’s what it is like when you dare to call yourself “actor”, but you’re nothing more than just a celebrity

  9. I think she looks great and the baby will be gorgeous! These pictures are VERY awkward though. Strange posing…

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