Tori Spelling On New Show, Baby’s Gender, More Children

We’ve watched her since the days of Donna Martin in Beverly Hills, 90210! Now we love Tori Spelling as the hardworking reality TV star, author, craft designer and all around creative mama. Currently expecting her fourth child with husband Dean McDermott in September, Tori debuts her newest show, Craft Wars, a crafting competition show premiering tonight (June 26) at 10 p.m. EST/ 9 p.m. C on TLC.

Tori opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her “passion” for crafting that has her entire family creating “masterpieces,” her plans for another surprise delivery with baby No. 4, her kids – Liam, 5, Stella, 4, and Hattie, 8 months – who are growing up “so fast,” and her thoughts on welcoming a fifth child.

CBS: Tell us all about Craft Wars. What’s the show all about?

TS: “Craft Wars is in exciting crafting competition show where crafters put their skills and creativity to the test and at the end of each episode 1 contestant walks away with $10,000!”

CBS: You’re the host and the executive producer of Craft Wars. How are you enjoying these new roles?

TS: “Hosting a competition show is a totally new venture for me and I’m loving it. Crafting is my passion so it’s amazing to see other crafters do their thing every week. It’s so inspiring!”

CBS: We know you’re an avid ‘craftista’. How do you find the time for craft projects amidst your busy career and family life?

TS: “Crafting is huge in our household. We craft together as a family weekly. I love getting the kids involved. We do fun projects together and it challenges all our creativity. My kids get so into it and are so proud of themselves and their masterpieces!

My kids love crafting. It’s my daughter Stella’s favorite thing to do. I love that she’d rather craft than watch cartoons! We make a lot of homemade gifts and decor items.”

CBS: Do you and Dean know the gender of the new baby yet? If not, are you going to find out?

TS: “We don’t know the baby’s gender and aren’t going to find out. We didn’t find out with Hattie either and it was the most amazing surprise ever!”

CBS: Are you feeling 4 kids is enough? Or are you planning on having more children?

TS: “I don’t like putting limits or boundaries on our family. But, I think 4 is a really nice number.”

CBS: Congrats to Liam on his recent preschool graduation! Was that emotional for you and Dean? And how was Stella’s 4th birthday? Do you feel the kids are growing up too fast?

TS: “Liam’s graduation was one of the most emotional days of my life. I had no idea I’d have such a big reaction. seeing him accept that preschool diploma really threw me over the edge. I realized my baby really was growing up and fast.

And Stella had an amazing 4th birthday party! She had a tea party and it was perfect. I can’t believe she is 4 though!

Liam and Stella have grown so fast. It’s bittersweet for a mommy. I’m so proud of everything they do and the people they are becoming, but it’s hard to see your babies grow up.”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

TS: “I’m starting to write my 4th memoir, and am working hard on my design lines including my children’s line, home line, DIY jewelry line, and HSN jewelry and crafting lines.”


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  1. Love Tori, she’s really down to earth!

    And I LOVE that they didn’t photoshop out what she herself has described before as her “bingo wings”! She’s in fab shape!

  2. god im so tired of tori spelling…congrats on doing what a million other women like to do..craft..only difference is your rich and can make a stupid TV show out of it

    • You are stupid! Tori rocks! She is fun, hard working, and hands on as a mother, wife, and actress. She knows how to diversify. She supports her man in his career. She spends time with her children and still has time to be nice to people like you. If you can’t be nice…SHUT UP!!!!! IDIOT

      • Hey Candy…what’s with the name calling? Clearly your standards of decency are a lot lower than mine. Tori is a home wrecking, self absorbed narcissist. From what I have read, She has two nannies and a house keeper! She is not a hands on mom…she works full time and has lots of help. She supports her husband’s career? What the heck does that creepy low life do for a living? Oh that’s right, he rolls out of bed to a film crew standing in his house and acts like a jerk! Tori might be an admirable to people like you, but water seeks it’s own level!

      • You actually wrote “If you can’t be nice… shut up” in the same post where you called someone stupid and and idiot?

        Pot, meet kettle.

        • If you don’t like Tori why are you reading this article? I think the problem may be that you have nothing better to do than be mean, I think Tori is an amazing business woman, wife, and mother. She is absolutely smarter than you haters. Your problem with her is that she is smart and rich and you aren’t.

  3. Seriously! What could she possibly write about that she has not already tweeted, and exploited to the tabloids already?

  4. Ugh, I’m so sick of her 😛

    Why is she famous, again?

    But, yes, I am jealous, because she scored herself an awesome husband. He could do better…lol.

  5. Tori knows how to re-invent herself for a new reality show. Next time she will be building a house or something. Whatever, Tori!

  6. I love tori, keep your head up and do you. There are a lot of haters that will continue to do just that hate. Let their hate fuel you and your family to raise above it all and enjoy life. I wish you and your family the best and I’m soooo glad that you and your mother made up that is what life and growing up is all about, knowing what is important and that is family.

  7. Sorry Tori but you so calld man is noting but an opportunist that mooches off you like a leach. He literally makesme sick to my stomach. OG GET A JOB DUDE A( REAL) J.O.B. lol, Are you blind Tori dear? my god what is te attraction? HELLO !?!?!?!?!?

    • OMG!!! Have you people ever heard of the saying: if you don’t have anything nice to say than don’t say anything at all. I am a 49 year old mother of three and grandmother of 2. I love Tori. What is she doing that is different than any and every other celeb/actress/bussiness women??? Oh I know she is successful, talented, generious and a great mom with a great husband and father. So what if she does or does not have a nanny or house keeper, it does not mean she is not a hands on mom, she has a busy life and three children and a fourth on the way. I believe she puts her childern above and before anyone or anything in her life. I am a regular person and I had a housekeeper and if I could have afforded it I would have had a nanny too, much nicer than daycare. Jealousy is such an ugly character flaw and only shows your insecurity. Keep up the great work Tori & Dean

  8. I love Tori and Dean and the whole family,,,, chickens and all! They rock! They all have tough jobs making this work. Dean is the most supportive husband and father. He impliments all of Toris great ideas! They are a perfect team!!!!! Keep it up!

  9. Tori 4 kids is enough since you have had 4 c sections. get your tubes tied and enjoy
    and you could always adopt more, why kill yourself with c sections. you all work to
    hard, enjoy and smell the flowers for once. you all need to enjoy your house, kids
    and Dean before he runs away!

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