Farrah Abraham Talks Dating & Being A Successful ‘Momtrepreneur’

Single mama Farrah Abraham made her debut in the public eye a few years ago when she appeared on the MTV hit shows 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom with her baby girl, Sophia, now 3. The aspiring model and writer – who once shared with Celebrity Baby Scoop that “the greatest life lesson I’ve learned since becoming a teen mom is that life is unpredictable” – has taken huge strides to create a better life for her small family.

Now that the final season of Teen Mom has premiered, the reality TV star chatted with Cupid’s Pulse about what is in store for the up-and-coming ‘Momtrepreneur.’

On how she will combine work and family: “Nothing hinders me from being a great mother. I will always use my accomplishments to help others and to find more worthwhile projects for myself.”

On finding love and dating: “I want someone who is basically the guy version of me. He needs to work hard and have a good sense of humor. It’s important that he is intelligent, friendly and family-oriented too. Now, I only go on dates if I really like someone, rather than going on dates just because. If a guy cannot fit in my life naturally, then I don’t know how he can ever really be a part of it.”

On how her previous hardships have helped her get to where she is today: “It has inspired me and shown me that no obstacle is too great, that nothing can get in the way of making my wishes and goals come true. Everything is at your fingertips – you just have to put your best effort forward to make it happen.”

To read more of Farrah’s interview, please go to Cupid’s Pulse.


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    • I agree …. Farrah is so snotty…. I haven’t seen her be nice to one person… Her mom is no better… I guess that is where she gets her attitude from! I watched the episode last night… I cannot believe how rude she was to Adam!! Thank goodness he can see through her… One day Farrah will mouth off the wrong person and she will get smacked!! After the end of Teen Mom Farrah will not be going far… Unfortunately you can see Sophia acting like the spoiled brat her mom is… and I’m sorry but Sophia should not be having a soother anymore! With the way Farrah acts she is going to be a very lonely girl… she will grow old alone!! I noticed at the begining she had friends but they sure disappeared fast!! (So sad about Dereks’ Death)… but I bet the reason why they broke up was because of Farrahs’ attitude!!!

  1. I’m sorry, but after watching her for years on 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom, I will never have any respect for her. I hope she enjoys her 15 minutes of fame, because I don’t think she’ll go very far after the show ends. Her bad karma will come back to haunt her.
    Farrah’s bad situation doesn’t excuse her from being disrespectful to everyone (not just her family as seen on the show) and bizarre impulsive behavior.
    She’s just a flat out idiot who only listens to her oversized ego.

  2. Farrah is one I can’t stand on the show.
    I truly have no idea if her parents treat her badly off camera or if they’ve done horrible things to her in her past but she is never nice to them.
    Her mom can be over bearing but I think that comes with just having lots of concern.
    Farrah has her father drive 6 hours away to bring her all her furniture, moves it in the house, and she has to struggle to give him a hug. Somethings not right.
    I think this girl needs lots more therapy to deal with her deep anger issues bc I have not seen a nice bone in this girls body since the show began.

  3. farrah is spoiled and her parents support her. she doesnt have friends because she talks to everyone as if they are stupid. her parents are nothing but helpful and because they do a lot for her mom talks baby talk to her. She thinks she can disrespect then any way she wants.

  4. Anyone else notice that every guy she has dated has dumped Farrah? LOL…. Her Ugliness shows!!! Farrah is not all she thinks she is… I’ve seen alot prettier than her(She is pretty), but her UGLINESS shows on the inside.. which makes her a very UGLY person !!!

  5. Ok my disclainer – I am Micheal Farrah’s father…. yes the real deal. I wish you people could read and see the FACTS before you areso judgemental. Ok Amber the guys don’t always dump my daughter…see has broken up with guys also – I know the facts. Bella my daughter is 21 years old and has lived a life of a mom and parent …and she looks mature and is attractive…thats why is is modeling…are you modeling or have you? For those of you that don’t understand depression…Farrah is doing well..her depression came from losing Sophia’s father so she she has a way to improve but don’t knock her except IF YOU ARE PERFECT. Farrah is an excellent mother…..don’t let her growing up confuse you…she is doing great and works hard for her daughter Sophia…..

    • If my child called me by my first name I would have a huge issue with that! She is a very disrespectful person. She shouldn’t be calling you Michael!

    • I think what everyone is trying to say is the way your daughter acts and treats everyone, yourself included, makes her VERY unattractive!! I understand you being her father (if this REALLY is him) naturally, youll take up for her. But come on, ANYONE can see that she seriously needs a wake up call! Life isnt going to get easier with that attitude! And as far as depression goes…I know all about it, as I lost my father 5 years ago at the most inportant time in my life!!! AND STILL never treated anyone the way Farrah does! If anything, I leaned on everyone around me. I needed support!! GROW up Farrah. FOR REAL!!! Don’t just pretend..since you have a daughter and all…really GROW UP!!!

  6. Farrah keep doing you, stay positive, you seem like a cool girl and don’t worry what people say… I understand how you can get frustrated with your parents but we all do… Maybe just try to control your anger with them cuz they do really love you . I wish you the best !!!

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