Rielle Hunter & Quinn Zip Through The NYC Airport

Rielle Hunter – the mistress of politician John Edwards – was seen pushing their 4-year-old daughter Quinn through the airport in New York City on Tuesday (June 26).

Rielle – who recently announced that the pair had separated – was in New York City to promote her new tell-all book titled What Really Happened: John Edwards, Our Daughter and Me.

It seems the gals on The View recently grilled Rielle during her appearance on the show.

After Rielle stated that she “wasn’t a big believer in infidelity,” Whoopi Goldberg really aired her feelings.

“I got to say this . . . in your book, you trash a dead lady whose husband you had an affair, and a baby, with,” Whoopi responds. “Did it not occur to you that maybe that might not be the right tone to take, particularly if you’re trying to get people to see you as part of this sort of new couple? I mean, it’s kind of a [lousy] thing to do!”

“I wrote the book to tell the truth,” Rielle says.

“Yeah, but you could have the truth and know it, but to then put it out there, it makes you look bad,” Whoopi responds. “It makes you look schemey and kind of heartless.”


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  1. she looks like a crazed geriatric loon. please dont post about this horrid trashy piece of crapola. she and the rachel uchwhatever’s of the world need to crawl under a rock.

  2. Poor little girl… all her parent’s trashy behavior documented forever in a tell all book. Way to cash in on a scandal Rielle. What a class act.

  3. She looks like the kids grandma. You’re blog is classier than this. Leave this home wrecker to Perez or JJared.

  4. Please leave homewrecker’s off this blog. Being the mistress of a politician and writing a tell all, shouldn’t be one’s ticket to celebrity status. Pity you think it does. Thought this blog had class, apparently not.

  5. She is a pig for sure, but are we really getting upset at CBS for posting this? They’re trying to run a business, not appeal to everyones’ delicate sensibilities!

  6. I totally agree with Whoopie’s opinion. She writes a book expecting sympathy but then bashes the dead wife (a victim). That makes her look like even more of a classless tramp then she did already. So glad John Edwards made his first smart move in a while and DUMPED her. I would never buy her book (first because I hate those types of tell all books and second because I would not want to put one penny in her pocket)

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