Bindi & Bob Irwin: Elephant-Sized Smiles

The children of the late Steve IrwinBindi, 13, and Bob, 8 –  were photographed beside an elephant at the Australia Zoo in Queensland, Australia on Wednesday (June 27). They were later seen speaking at the zoo alongside their mother Terri Irwin.

For the Irwin siblings, the best way to grieve their loss is with footage of their dad, the always-enthusiastic Crocodile Hunter. “We’ll get up and put on a Daddy DVD, just to remember all of our wonderful adventures with him,” Bindi, who was 8 when her wildlife conservationist father was killed by a stingray in 2006, told PEOPLE. “We’ll often put in a documentary and watch him and have a smile on our face – it’s a great way to start the day.”

Bindi’s mission is to continue advocating for conservation, like the plight of the Javan rhino, which are being poached to make medicine out of their horns.

“The way we’re going, Javan rhinos will be gone by the time I’m an adult,” Bindi said. “It would be devastating to lose them. I want the next generation to be able to experience them.”

She added: “We never want Dad’s message to die. It’s wonderful that we’re able to carry on in his footsteps and keep his message alive.”



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  1. Wow they’re growing up quick. Spitting images of their beloved dad. What amazing lives they must have in Australia. Steve would be so proud of his little one’s and I hope they continue to keep his spirit alive.

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