Rod Stewart & Penny Lancaster’s Lil’ London Lad

Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster took Aiden, 1 1/2, out for a walk in London, England on Wednesday (June 27). The 67-year-old rocker pushed the toddler while Penny followed along carrying a cup of coffee and her phone.

During their stroll they stopped by a pharmacy where Penny purchased child cold medicine. Was it for Aiden or his 6-year-old brother Alastair?

Billboard reports Rod is going to release his first-ever Christmas album containing star-studded duets. He’ll be working with producer and Verve chairman David Foster – who has collaborated on holiday sets with Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban.

The label states, “Stewart’s warm, expressive and distinctively raspy voice is proving a perfect fit for the holiday classics.”



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  1. Given that physicians no longer recommend children’s cold medications for children under the age of 4, I’d wager it was was for his brother who might not have been well enough to be out & about.

  2. Wow, it looks so funny to see this rocker dude pushing a baby stroller around at his age. He looks like a grandpa, never mind a Daddy pushing it. Why would anyone have children at that age in their lives? I still cannot understand that. The child will really never get to know you.

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