Jack Osbourne & His Swimming Sweetie

Jack Osbourne has posted a sweet photo of his two-month-old daughter Pearl on his Twitter page. Carrying his baby in the swimming pool – she looks the total cutie in a hat and pink sunglasses.

Looks like the 26-year-old has gotten fatherhood down pat.

Earlier this month Jack announced he had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

A source told US Weekly, “He knew something was wrong for a while. Everyone is sad, but he is being strong about it.”

Jack also recently Tweeted a thank you to Montel Williams – who also has MS.

“Just wanted to say thank you to @Montel_Williams for the support. Means a lot.”

On an up note mom Sharon Osbourne told US she thinks Jack will excel in parenting.

“He’s very nervous — but nervous-excited,” she said. “He’ll be a very good dad. I think he’ll be very strict, but he’ll be a very good dad!”



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  1. cute baby and he looks so happy…funny that they couldnt put a swim diaper (disposable or reusable) shes wearing a normal diaper which is gonna get soo huge and hold in so much water lol

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