Camila Alves & Kids: Magical Day At The Zoo

Camila Alves took Levi and Vida to the Central Park Zoo in New York City on Thursday (June 28). The kids looked interested peering into the glass cage holding the polar bears. After the zoo she took them to Toys “R” Us.

Meanwhile dad Matthew McConaughey was promoting his latest film Magic Mike.

Earlier this month he and Camila tied the knot at their home in Texas. Speaking on the Today Show – the actor talked about the proposal.

“She didn’t say yes right away!” he told Ann Curry on Thursday. “‘Yes’ was not the first word out of her mouth. It took about 30 seconds…. She says she was shocked.”


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  1. Vida looks a lot like Seraphina Affleck! Wow the blonde hair .Wow Levi is turning out
    To be quite a cutee patutie!

  2. Why on Earth did they dye their young kids hair blonde? You know the chemicals in the hair dye is bad for people especially little children!

    • Jesse- pretty sure these kids have natural highlights from being outside. Seems like they spend alot of time at beach. Picture above is deceptive as well because their hair looks very blonde due to bright sunshine in picture.

      • I agree and besides look at Matthew Mcconaughey’s hair-it’s no where near a dark brown, his is actually pretty light brown. & it’s possible that both of their parents had light hair when they were young too. You must remember their kids hair will definitely change when they get older. 🙂

  3. @NYCMommy I agree! But also think about their father, Matthew Mcconaughey-his hair is definitely not super dark, it’s actually on the lighter side of brown. And who knows both Matthew and Camila could have had lighter hair where they were small children too. I’m sure as Vida & Levi get older their hair color(s) will change. 🙂

  4. Mixed race kids are so cute. Their hair is a lot darker they ae in direct sunlight which makes their hair appear lighter.

  5. And what if it is indeed dyed and not the ‘sunlight’ highlighting their hair? Vida’s hair especially looks too light for someone wearing a hat and Levi’s hair has a weird color. Whether it’s dyed or not, it most likely won’t look this way forever. They are cute though and Levi’s body looks like it is finally growing into his head.

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