Selma Blair & Jason Bleick Stroll With Their Son

Selma Blair and her boyfriend Jason Bleick were spotted taking an evening stroll with their little man, Arthur, on Friday (June 29) in Hollywood, Calif.

It must have been a cool evening. The Anger Management actress wore a long sleeved hooded sweatshirt, shorts and some Uggs as she carried Arthur’s red jacket in her hand. Dad wore some long pants and a beanie.

The first-time mama confirmed with BabyZone this month that her 11-month old son is developing very quickly.  She tweeted, “Baby has walked since 8 months and now says 7 words!”

The 40-year old mom proudly kidded around and shared, “[Arthur] said dog yesterday. And he wasn’t talking about me. Phew.”


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  1. I’m getting hot just looking at them and I live way north of California — him in a winter toque and she’s wearing boots. WTF??

    • Los Angeles only reached highs in the mid 70’s with lows in the 50’s this past week. Quite cool considering the Midwestern states are in a heat wave with temps well over a 100 and only cooling off to a muggy 83 degrees at night. Don’t be deceived just because they live in California. Certain parts of the state remain quite mild year round. The article says they were on an evening stroll and you can see she’s carrying a jacket for the baby just in case. Must have been chilly.

      • Agreed, they are warmer than flip flops, which is why the poster said she was getting hot looking at them.??

    • What a world we live in, where people will go on a website simply to question every single choice made by another human.

      Any idiot can surmise that they are dressed warmly and brought a coat for the child because they were chilly or expect it to get chilly.


  2. I seriously don’t understand everyones’ hatred for the first comment. All she said was she was getting hot looking at them – that really bothers everyone so much??

    • Because she was insinuating that they were dressed inappropriately for California weather.

      Her comment about living “way North of California” and the “WTF???” about Selma wearing boots tells me she doesn’t know much about California weather.

      If they were taking an evening stroll with temps in the 50’s then they’re attire looks appropriate to me.

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