Halle Berry & Nahla Stop To Smell The Flowers

Halle Berry was spotted taking her 4-year old daughter Nahla to a doctor’s appointment on Friday (June 29) in Los Angeles, Calif. After the doc visit, the pair stopped to smell the purple flowers along the sidewalk.

Earlier this month, the Academy Award-winning actress was ordered to pay Nahla’s father – ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry – $20,000 per month in child support payments.

The custody issue over the little girl is far from over. The Gothika star would like to take Nahla oversees to live with her and her French fiancé Olivier Martinez to be further away from the American paparazzi.

“There are laws like (that) in France, which is the reason I want to go there,” Berry told Extra earlier this year. “Laws that protect children, protect right to privacy. All I want is for my family and myself to have a normal life. When I’m not at work, that’s very important to me.”

The 45-year old mom is set to begin filming with her young co-star Abigail Breslin in the upcoming thriller – The Hive.


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  1. She is working really hard at pretending to have a fairytale relationship with her child. This is nothing but Hollywood PR. She’s just trying to convince the court that she’s a sweet, innocent, doting parent. She’s actually a manipulative, controlling hag who uses her child like a pawn to punish the man who wouldn’t put up with her abusive behavior.

  2. Gabriel Aubry is gigolo. Reportedly, Aubry’s friends gave court depostionos saying he became vindictive once Halle left him and called her the N word in their presense.
    If this is, in fact, true then Aubry would be the one trying to appear innocent and sweet but
    actually is a manipulative, controlling gold digger.

  3. Funny how their are lots of other celebrites living in NY and CA that never get photograph look at Matt Damon we never see his family, Julia Roberts is another one and that’s only two their are hounders more. If she really wanted privacy she should try moving to a more privet city in the hills or selling the Malibu home which is paparazzi centered area.

    It’s also odd that her reason for taking Nalhla away from her father keeps changeling. First it was she fears for Nahla safty with her father, then it was she was afraid for her life because of the stalker who she never hired bodyguard for protection from. Now she wants privetcy away fom the paparazzi, I guess the first two excuses didn’t fly with the judge so she had to make up another excuse.

    • “Rider” it’s obvious that you & anonymous are the same people. You r way too involved in the activities of Halle, go play with your kids or read a book or something.

      • Actually I’m not “Rider” is it hard to believe that more then one person feels the same way about Halle? and I personally haven’t post a comment about Halle Berry in months.

        • You may not be Rider, but you both seem to think you are in her head and know her every motivation. It’s way weird that you’re so invested.

    • This hostility you have towards someone you’ve never met is not good for you, seriously you gonna give yourself a heart attack.

    • “Funny how their are lots of other celebrites living in NY and CA that never get photograph look at Matt Damon we never see his family”

      No…. what’s funny is that new photos of Matt Damon and his family were just posted on this site!! Guess that proves you wrong, huh?

  4. Wow “rider” always the first one to comment on a Halle post. What, do you spent your time on looking for stories on her so you can write the same stupid comments.

  5. I am gonna repeat my favourite part of Veep’s comment the other day: i hope he (Gabriel) gets deported. Veep that was classic. LOL.

  6. OMG You are right! I went back to the recent posts about Halle, and ‘rider’ wrote the same comments. rider needs a hobby.

  7. iam glad to see halle so relax with her little girl,hope she is happy at this point in her life men have to understand her more and give her true love.years ago i did a poem for her when she was in miami at wedr promoting a movie call baps..thanksf for the update you guys are great..poet terry fernando newton

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