Molly Sims Steps Out With Her New Son Brooks

Model mama Molly Sims had some very precious cargo in tow yesterday as she headed to a doctor’s appointment in Los Angeles, California: Her baby boy Brooks Alan (June 29)!

This is the first time we’ve spotted the new mom since she and her husband Scott Stuber welcomed their son on June 19. She looks great!

Just a day after Brooks was born the former Las Vegas star took to her blog to gush over the family’s new arrival:

“I could just eat him up he’s so sweet! Scott and I could not be happier, and can’t wait to watch our little guy grow and see the world through his eyes. The past nine months have already been an incredible journey, and we are so excited for everything to come!”


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  1. Hopefully now that the baby is here she will be way too busy to flood the internet with her constant updates of what she’s doing, thinking, bowel movements, etc.

      • Agree with the first comment – this woman goes way overboard with the “sharing”. You don’t see real stars drawing attention to themselves like this — they run/.avoid paps (Halle, Sandra B., Nicole Kidman etc.).

        • The only place she goes “overboard” is is on her own website, and as Anonymous said below, “Unless you were following her website, how would you know about the constant updates?”

          • Because, quite obviously, her website is constantly quoted by all the mommy and celebrity sites. You wouldn’t have to avoid just her site, you’d have to avoid celebrity sites altogether in order to not have to listen to her daily insight into what it’s like to have the first child ever.

      • I’m not familiar with her website but she or her publicist must send updates to sites like this one who then post a story on her. I doubt the site owners have the time or inclination to monitor a lesser known celeb’s web site… JMO.

    • Seems to me your problem is with this website, not with Molly Sims since she doesn’t control how often posts about her are put up here.

      With that said, there have been 4 posts about her since June 19th. I fail to see how that counts as “flooding the internet”. How about you just stop reading the articles about her? Or is there a guard with a gun to your head forcing you to stop at every Molly Sims post?

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