Dean McDermott’s All American Dad Baby Shower

In celebration of Dean McDermott‘s fifth child on-the-way, Daddy Scrubs and celebrity shower stylist Jayneoni Moore threw an All American Dad baby shower last week at Triple B Clays in South El Monte, Calif. Held at a clay shooting range, Dean and some of his closest friends had a blast practicing their shot and enjoying a fun guys’ day out.

“Dean is a fun-loving and fantastic father,” The Guncles, who attended the event, told Celebrity Baby Scoop. “He loves having a large family and is over the moon about the baby’s arrival!”

Bill Horn and Scout Masterson, who costar with Dean and his wife Tori Spelling on Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, went on to say, “Dean’s daddy shower was a lot of fun! It was nice to have a ‘boys’ day and enjoy the outdoors.”

At the event, the guys made flower arrangements to take home to their families. Some of Dean’s favorite gifts were from Fisher Price and Dolphin Organic. Daddy Scrubs is well known for it’s line of I’m the Daddy labor/delivery scrubs, and gifts for the expectant dad.

Dean and Tori expect their fourth child – a surprise delivery – this September. They are already parents to son Liam, 5, and daughters Stella, 4, and Hattie, 8 months. Dean is also dad to Jack, 13, from a previous marriage.


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  1. I love the idea of dads getting a baby shower.

    (Not sure why they’d hold it at a clay shooting establishment, but whatever floats your boat.)

  2. Technically, this is Dean’s sixth, not fifth to get ready for. He left his last wife literally weeks before their adopted daughter arrived. Good luck with the new baby!

  3. Knowing these two idiots, his sixth child will be on the way not even a month after she pops this one out.

  4. First of all, I thought baby showers were only for women and only for your first baby. I don’t get celebrities, especially, who have multiple baby showers for each baby. I hope they donate all of this stuff they get to charity. I read that Kourtney Kardashian had $50 towels on her baby registry. Really? The kid needs $50 towels. It’s ridiculous how much money these people waste.

    • These people (and their friends and family) are allowed to celebrate the birth of their child with a shower. Doesn’t matter if it’s the first or fourteenth.

      If you hate second showers so much, just don’t go to one, but it’s none of your business what they do with their gifts.

  5. Funny that his theme is “All American Dad Baby Shower” is funny considering he is Canadian and how about donating those presents for those less fortunate?

  6. When will these people actually pay for something themselves? Everything they do has to be a show and promotion for products. Dean looks like hes pissed off and pressured into having a dad shower with gay friends. You know it wasn’t his idea!

  7. He was born Canadian but is now american. As a Canadian its still weird to see one of our own wearing a USA offence.

  8. These two should be ashamed of themselves. Another shower and a bunch of gifts. Do they really need new baby stuff, they can’t reuse the other stuff on all these children who are all under 5. I agree let’s stop showcasing these people.

  9. Them or the Kardashians… can’t decide who is less deserving of celebrity status. Both have turned a lack of any discernible talent into a career. At least Tori and Dean seem to have a pretty stable relationship.

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