Kate Hudson & Ryder: Palling Around In Paris

Actress Kate Hudson was snapped shopping with her 8-year-old son Ryder in Paris, France on Thursday (June 5).

The mother-son pair kept things casual as they walked through the scenic streets of the popular French city during Haute-Couture Fashion Week.

We last saw Kate and Ryder after they took in a Los Angeles Kings vs the New Jersey Devils game at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Calif. earlier this month.



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  1. I am so happy she got her kids hair cut. For a few years there, he looked like a little girl. He finally looks like a boy, the way he is suppose to look!

    • My co-worker told me about this woman at this restaurant taunting her grandson, who she said was about 4 years old, because he had long hair. She told him to tell his mom to cut his hair because he looked gay, he looked like a girl. You sound as ignorant and IDIOTIC as this lady! Please show me where it is written what a boy is supposed to look like? Where is this description written down as a law? We should pack a spaceship with every single ignorant person in this planet and ship them off into the universe. Far away from the rest of us.

      • You know, I totally agree with you. Why do people expect boys to cut their hair? This society is so hypocritical. We let girls wear whatever they want but guys can’t even grow their hair past their shoulders. What’s wrong with a boy growing his hair long? As long as it looks neat and is trimmed and is clean, there’s nothing wrong with it. Trust me, I hate ignorant people too and I’m only 17. How do you “look” gay? I hate how people think you can determine someone’s sexual orientation based on their physical appearance. You can’t. People nowadays are so ignorant and I wish I could just bash all of them.

    • Why don’t you keep your comments to yourself. What is he “supposed” to look like? The way society expects him too? I don’t understand why this society lets girls wear pants but FOR CHRIST’S SAKE if a boy grows his hair long everyone freaks out. It’s none of your business nor mine what Kate does with her son. Why should she cut her son’s hair for the sake of your opinion? There’s a lot worse happening in the world. Let them lead their own life and you lead yours and mind your business.

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