NHL Star P.J. Stock On Health, Hockey & Family

Former NHL player P.J. Stock is helping raise awareness for bladder control issues and funds for The Canadian Cancer Society and cancers below the waist. The Hockey Night in Canada broadcaster is promoting Depend’s Real Fit for Men Briefs to help “those suffering from incontinence to enjoy an active lifestyle and removes the stigma from a health issue.”

P.J. opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about his four children – Tyson, 9, Peyton, 8, Maddy, 6, and Avery, 4 – who are “wannabe singer/dancer/hockey players.” The retired Boston Bruins left wing also talks about his close friend who battled cancer and struggled with bladder control issues. “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about when it comes to incontinence,” P.J. says.

CBS: Tell us about partnering with Depend and their Real Fit for Men Briefs to give incontinence sufferers confidence.

PJS: “The Depend brand approached me about their new Real Fit for Men Briefs, and after learning about this new product, it made me realize how wide-spread the issue of incontinence is. If you look around any room of 10 people, chances are at least one is dealing with this issue.

Adult incontinence is a symptom of a health issue. People shouldn’t be embarrassed to have to inject insulin to control diabetes, or to wear sunscreen to prevent skin cancer, or to have a cast to allow a broken bone to heal. Wearing a Depend absorbent undergarment is no different. It’s something that enables people with a health issue to maintain a full, normal life.”

CBS: Tell us why you aligned yourself with the somewhat taboo topic of incontinence. Are you hoping to demystify some myths and shatter some of the shame?

PJS: “I have a close personal friend who suffered from cancer and some of the unfortunate setbacks associated with this condition. I wanted to better understand what he was going through and realized there’s nothing to be embarrassed about when it comes to incontinence. It’s a health issue. We should be able to talk about it, and have good products that help people lead their normal lives.

The Depend Real Fit for Men absorbent briefs helps those suffering from incontinence to enjoy an active lifestyle and removes the stigma from a health issue.”

CBS: We hear some of the proceeds will go toward the Canadian Cancer Society. Tell us more.

PJS: “On behalf of Isabelle Brasseur and I, Depend will make a donation to the Canadian Cancer Society toward below the belt cancers. The Canadian Cancer Society does important work, so I encourage everyone to support that.”

CBS: You and wife Jean Marie have four children: Tyson, Peyton, Madigan and Avery! Please tell us their ages and a quick funny story about each of them.

PJS: “My son is 9 and the 3 girls are Peyton, 8, Maddy, 6, and Avery, 4. I wish I could give a single funny story on each of them but it seems to be a joint effort in everything they do. We play a lot of music in our house and our four kids all think they are pro singers and dancers. Just imagine four kids thinking they’re sexy and they know it [laughs]!”

CSB: Are any of your kids in hockey? Do you encourage it, or hope they’ll choose another path?

PJS: “My two eldest played hockey last year. Unfortunately for me, I think we have four wannabe hockey stars. I make a rink in the back yard in the winter and they all love it. Funny thing is that the girls might like it more.

I know hockey gave me a lot in life but I know how hard it was to get to where I got. Times were different then. People are different today. I encourage my kids to do whatever they set their heads and hearts on. Of course we prefer that it is an athletic activity. Nonetheless, we’re proud of them no matter what sport or hobby they are into.”

CBS: How do you manage your family life and your busy career in hockey broadcasting?

PJS: “Family is first. Work is second. We call it work but I am really fortunate to do something that I love with really intelligent and entertaining people. I try and do as much as I can in the winter while they are at school and make up for lost time in the summer.”

CBS: What did you think of this year’s Stanley Cup playoffs?

PJS: “I was excited to see the LA Kings win the Stanley Cup. I think it was great for the NHL. I am also a little biased as the Kings have a bunch of my former teammates from the Philadelphia Flyers.”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

PJS: “What’s next for me…I just opened a training facility for athletes and regular folk that would like to train like an athlete or at least in an athletic environment. I opened the facility in Montreal with a great trainer by the name of Jonathan Chaimberg.

[I’m] enjoying the summer with my family and hoping that there is no lock out in the NHL as I have 4 wannabe singer/dancer/hockey players to feed.”

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