Alessandra Ambrosio & Anja: Water Gun Fight

Alessandra Ambrosio took Anja to the beach in Malibu, Calif. on Frirday (July 6). The supermodel and her 3-year-old had a big water gun fight!

Wearing a pink shirt and a little white tutu – Anja really looked into spraying ocean water at her mom.

Earlier in the day the pair went out to the Coffee Bean with dad Jamie Mazur. Baby Noah wasn’t with them. However he was out with the family on the Fourth of July.

Noah is now two months old while Anja will turn 4 in August.


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    • Awkward looking kids make the most beautiful grown ups.
      She’ll be pretty.
      She just has strong features for a little girl. I bet that she’ll be gorgeous.

    • I’m sure Alessandra looked similar when she was young.
      She has the same sort of strong features, she’s just grown into them over the years.
      I’d say she ended up pretty beautiful.

  1. What she didn’t inherit (yet) was mom’s plastic
    Surgery. She may in fact look just like mom did
    As a kid.

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