Salma Hayek: I’ll Stop Working If It Affects Valentina

Salma Hayek says she’s going to keep on working if her career continues not to interfere with her daughter’s development.

Referring to Valentina – she told USA Today, “It’s working out really well. (Valentina) is really smart, and she’s really young. If later on it gets in the way of her development, I’ll just stop working. For right now, it works. I work mostly in the summers. I usually work in the Sandler family or with Kevin James. I’m really good friends with the wives, and the kids are the same age. It works out for me. For right now, I go day by day. If in the future, she has to stay in Paris and it’s too much of a separation, I’ll stop working.”

Hayek says she gets help from François-Henri Pinault.

“I get a lot of help from my husband. You have to have a partner. When I get freaked out, he’s like, ‘Don’t worry, it will work itself out. How can I help you?’ He calms me down. I am more hysterical than he is. It’s very easy to bail out. A lot of women don’t get support in their professional lives from their husbands.”

The actress also recently said that her 4-year-old will never see Savages. The Oliver Stone movie is violent and has Salma playing a Mexican cartel “queen” who kidnaps Blake Lively’s character.

According to US Weekly she said, “She’s not going to watch this movie. Actually, this was the only movie that she was not on the set. I usually bring her on the set and she always likes to sit right next to the monitor and she bosses everyone around.”

Hayek also joked, “I know Oliver Stone would have not let [Valentina] come in and say, ‘Excuse me, Oliver, let me just take over the set.’ No.”





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  1. What a privilege to say you’ll just up and stop working. Good for her to be in the position. Too sad many other women don’t have that as a choice.

  2. Glad she is putting her daughter first. Too many celebrity moms put themselves and their careers before the needs of their children. It is nice to see women like her and Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Jennifer Garner who are real family oriented. My family personally cannot afford for one parent to stop working, but I would jump on the chance to have myself or my husband home for our little ones.

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