Rachel Zoe & Family: Sunday Fun With Skyler

Rachel Zoe and her family spent all day enjoying the sunshine in Malibu, Calif. on Sunday (July 8). Their first destination was the park where Rachel, her husband Rodger Berman, and her sister Pam took 1-year-old Skyler to play. Then they all headed to the Coffee Bean for a beverage break.

Later on they all changed clothes to run around on the beach. Zoe kept on going until the night and joined a group of female friends at the Malibu Inn.

She Tweeted a photo and wrote: “Malibu Inn with the ladies!”

Fans of the Bravo show won’t see a new season of The Rachel Zoe Project this fall. With running her clothing and jewelry lines – Zoe is always super busy.




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  1. Good lord he is adorable!! I just can’t get over how she, of all people, has 1 of the chubbier, cutest babes on the block.. She is neither chubby nor jovial! 🙂

    • Were you equally surprised when Carny Wilson, Sherri Shepherd and Rikki Lake had slim children?

      And I don’t know what photos YOU are looking at, but this woman ALWAYS looks jovial in the photos posted here.

    • Did you think she was going to starve her baby? Him being chubby has hardly anything to do with genetics….and similar for her being skinny.

    • I agree. Sad there are a lot of people around here who really wanted that to be a sad, skinny little boy so that they could go off on Zoe and call her a bad mom. There used to be 20-25 responses to every thread when she was pregnant, virtually all of them negative. Now she’s got a happy, chubby little boy and barely anybody comments on her anymore.

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