Lily-Rose Depp: Out In L.A.

Lily-Rose Depp went shopping at Sunset Plaza in Los Angeles, Calif. on Sunday (July 8). The daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis had plenty of company. She was surrounded by an entourage.

The day before the 13-year-old went to have lunch at Urth Caffé. Jean shorts seem to be her favorite clothing item.

Meanwhile her parents aren’t even California. Johnny is filming The Lone Ranger in Colorado and Vanessa recently attended the premiere of her movie Je Me Suis Fait Tous Petit in Paris on Monday.

The couple separated in mid June after 14 years together.





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  1. For years we never saw this child now all of a sudden we see her out and about? And I agree same shorts everytime. Pretty girl though.

  2. Please and thank you finally not Suri Cruise! Johnny is out of town too just like Tom!
    She does look like her mom!

  3. She’s a typical teenager, and wears what she wants over and over. Who cares? She’s also going through that awkward body phase, so maybe she thinks this is the only thing she looks good in. Plus, she lives in Hollywood, and those kids go by different rules on everything- names, clothes, etc. Wouldnt you if you were the kid of Johnny Depp and had a bodyguard?? I’d wear whatever the heck I wanted to, too!

  4. she is dressed exactly likea young teenage beautiful girl ought to be. when is she going to wear shorts if not when she is young and in the middle of a hot summer? when she is in her 40s wishing she had appreciated her looks when she was young? you people have no lives. it’s a regular pic of a regular girl on a regular day, out and about in LA. jesus christ. you people will comment on anything. if this was a picture of a sparrow picking up bread from the street you would criticize it one way or another.

  5. Dear lily rose depp I feel bad for you because your going through a hard time and everyone is all up in your business

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