Poncho de Anda: “Family Is The Most Important Thing In My Life”

Together with Mexican TV personality and father of two, Poncho de Anda, the Huggies brand is helping parents everywhere with tips, advice and a new webisode series on Huggies Latino Facebook page. Poncho and his wife Lina Amashta – who are parents to daughter Valeria, 2, and son Daniel, 10 months – talk about the everyday challenges that come with being a parent.

Poncho opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about his new webisode series, the joys of fatherhood and his “very active children,” and his upcoming projects.

CBS: Tell us about partnering with Huggies® to help parents tackle their biggest messes and stresses.

PDA: “Family is the most important thing in my life. With the arrival of our first child Valeria, my wife Lina and I enjoyed a lot of the joys of parenting and what it means to be a parent.

The new and improved Huggies® diapers and wipes help us keep our little ones clean and happy—the reality is that they help make our days a lot easier. For instance in my case, I have a lot to do and sometimes forget to change Daniel’s diaper when it’s my turn to do so. However, I don’t worry because Huggies® diapers will hold out for hours and that gives me peace of mind.”

CBS: Tell us about your new webisode series that gives advice and tips for today’s multi-tasking parents.

PDA: “Parenting can be overwhelming, but my wife and I work together to constantly improve upon what we’ve learned over the past few years with our children. The task of parenting is teamwork. We’ve partnered with Huggies® to film a webisode series for the Huggies Latino Facebook page that features our family experiences as we deal with the challenges that come with being a parent – whether that’s packing for a trip, preparing for house guests or mastering the art of feeding children.

It’s about making lists and being aligned with each other and to be honest, Lina and I have a great ally to help us:

  • Diaper Bag Distractions. Raising two small children can be tricky – they want to get their hands into everything! That’s why we always stock our diaper bag with small toys, a few snacks, books and Huggies® Snug & Dry Diapers with improved Leak Lock®. They absorb faster and keep our baby dryer longer, so he stays happy no matter where we are.
  • Prep for Family House Guests. If you have small children, you’ve probably already baby-proofed your house. But when you have guests with their own children coming over, it’s always a good time to go through the house again. Make sure cleaning supplies and medications are stored safely away, put padding on sharp table corners and remove fragile items like glass vases and frames from low surfaces.
  • Have Wipes On Hand. Disposable wipes are crucial in any household with a baby. We have tubs of wipes all over the house, not just the nursery, and use them for everything from diaper changing to dinner clean up. The new and improved Huggies Natural Care® Wipes are great to clean up little hands and faces after a family meal because they are gentle and fragrance-free for soft baby skin.

CBS: Tell us about your two young kids. What are their names and ages? What are they into?

PDA: “August is a busy month for our family! Valeria, our oldest, will soon be turning 3 and Daniel is 10 months. Although our little ones our slightly close in age, now that Daniel is here, the experience has been very exciting yet different at the same time.

Valeria is a very delicate little girl and one that takes her time when doing things. Daniel on the other hand is a handful; he grabs his baby food and makes a total disaster with it. He likes to stick his hands in the dirt but fortunately we have an arsenal of baby tools that helps us tackle the messes.”

CBS: With two children under the age of 3, how do you manage your career and fatherhood?

PDA: “Daniel is a super active boy and many are surprised that only about two weeks ago he started to walk. I had the opportunity to be there when he did it. My wife started yelling, ‘He’s walking!’ and we all came out and there was Daniel, taking his first steps. He is still a bit insecure, he falls here and there but it’s truly incredible how children evolve and grow up so quickly, and obviously, that implies a lot more responsibility as a parent, but it’s wonderful.

As a father with two very active children, every day brings new surprises but my team and I are always ready!”

CBS: Are you hoping to have more children in the future?

PDA: “At the moment, I’m not sure.”

CBS: What are the greatest lessons you’ve learned so far as a father? What has surprised you the most?

PDA: “Children come with a lot of responsibility but it is the most rewarding thing that can ever happen in your life. What has surprised me the most is my ability to adapt and learn things I never thought I was going to be able to achieve as a parent.”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

PDA: “I am starting a business venture that you will soon be hearing about. Also I am getting ready to return to television with the right project.”


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  1. All these diaper product placement ads are tacky. And is this guy really saying he lets his son sit in a dirty diaper for hours?

    “I have a lot to do and sometimes forget to change Daniel’s diaper when it’s my turn to do so. However, I don’t worry because Huggies® diapers will hold out for hours and that gives me peace of mind.”

    How hard is it to change your baby’s diaper instead of letting him sit in it for hours? It takes 5 minutes! Don’t become a parent if you can’t properly care for your child!

    • I don’t think he leaves his son in a drty diaper, the whole thing sound like an Ad straight out go a Huggies commercial.

      • I agree… this guy probably doesn’t let his son sit in a dirty diaper for hours himself, but he is promoting the idea that it is okay. This is how babies get rashes and infections. Huggies shouldn’t be advertising that it’s okay to keep your baby in a messy diaper just because you can’t find 5 minutes to tend to your child. Parenting Fail.

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