The Guncles Blog: Our Quick Summer Getaway

In their latest guest blog titled Quick Summer Getaways, reality TV dads Bill Horn and Scout Masterson (a.k.a. The Guncles) share their recent family vacation in Carlsbad, Calif.

Keeping it close to their Los Angeles home, the Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood stars celebrated Scout’s 38th birthday at a family friendly resort with plenty of activities for their 2-year-old daughter Simone. And not to mention the opportunities for a little R&R and gourmet dining for the bigs kids too! Continue reading about the Horn-Masterson getaway, all within a 2-hour drive of their front door.

Quick Summer Getaways – Finding Family-Friendly Options that Rock

The Guncles hit the open road for July 4th… Well, kinda. As parents, we’ve quickly learned that in our family if we’re going to take a little vacation, it’s wherever we can drive to over a 2 hour period. Otherwise it’s just too much schlepping. Long gone are the days that we’re boarding a plane and celebrating Scout’s birthday (July 4th) in places like Spain, Mexico and New York. But, because of these new “restrictions” we’ve put on our trips with Simone, we’ve found some fabulous places here in Southern California to retreat to. Fabulous, family friendly resorts seem to be popping up all across the country – it’s just that we never thought to ask about them before. Our favorite place so far to escape to is the La Costa Resort in Carlsbad, CA.

The morning of July 4th, we packed up the car and headed south to celebrate Scout’s 38th birthday and to get some fun, relaxation time in with Simone. Luckily for us, our toddler loves to travel and stay in hotel rooms. She thinks of it as one big adventure and seems to love spending quality time with her Dads.

Upon arriving at the resort, we learned that during the summer months, they provide some fabulous activities for families. Among them, at around 6 P.M., the boutique sells S’mores kits and provides a small “campfire” to cook them on. A resort staff member is on hand to watch the overall safety and to provide clean sticks for those making the gooey treats. This is especially fun for us to share with our toddler, having grown up on the East Coast and having every summer childhood memory involves S’mores in some way.

Some of the other activities included a band playing on the lawn (many of the kids and families were dancing), nightly crafts for the kids (Simone’s favorite was painting picture frames with glow-in-the-dark paint), and also many of the kids ran around the grassy areas with glow sticks and chased each other around at dusk. This all brought back a lot of our own fun kid memories, activities that aren’t easily found in Los Angeles.

We love to eat and we enjoy gourmet meals. The problem we normally find when we’re on vacation is that a place we want to eat isn’t kid friendly. And many of the kid friendly places just end up having burgers, pasta or boring salads. At resorts like La Costa, their restaurants are all family friendly. So for Scout’s birthday, the family joined for a delicious meal of steaks and seafood at the resort’s Blue Fire Grill.

One of Simone’s favorite things to do at the resort is play at their kids club, Kidtopia. At her age, she can play for up to 2 hours and the staff was very attentive. Matter of fact, she gave the “camp counselor” a hug when it was time to leave. Kidtopia time allows for the Dads to hit the spa for a massage. Our perfect mix of a family vacation is tons of activities for Simone, plenty of opportunities to experience new adventures together as a family, and a little R&R for Dads. We had a fantastic time celebrating Scout’s 38th birthday and we’re looking forward to our next family vacation.

Where do you like to visit with your family?

The Guncles would love to hear of some other family friendly vacation destinations. Send them a post on their Facebook page or Tweet them at @ScoutMasterson and @theBillHorn.


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  1. I love how Simone resembles her daddies, it is amazing how sometimes adopted children seem to take after their parents. I think Connor Cruise looks like his dad too. God must have planned for these children, or all children.

  2. I like to take my kids to Wildwood NJ for small vacations. My grand parents used to have a hotel 2 blocks from the beach. It was such a nice getaway until the hotel burnt down last summer. A friend of mine suggested Wisconsin dells resorts for my next family vacation. It has been awhile since we took a long vacation so I decided to go for it. I can’t wait! Thanks for sharing!

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