Farrah Abraham: “It’s Hard Doing Things By Myself With Sophia”

By the looks of Tuesday’s episode of Teen Mom, it seems Farrah Abraham is finding single motherhood to be a challenge and – after experiencing difficulty coping with the stress of raising her 3-year-old daughter Sophia without her parent’s assistance – turns to a therapist for guidance.

“My parents are being overbearing again. It’s annoying,”the 20-year-old star – who relocated from Iowa to Florida last May – vents in a clip of the show. “I don’t need to pick up the phone to hear all of their reminders on how to parent my child.”

As she settles into a new school and work schedule, an overwhelmed Farrah reveals to her therapist that she is second-guessing her decision to move halfway across the country.

“Right now, I’m not confident [I made the right choice]. It’s hard doing things by myself with Sophia,” Farrah admits.

“I’m trying not to be negative — I’m just trying to live my own life — and they should just understand that,” she adds.



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  1. Girl wants it both ways, and that is never going to happen. Telling somebody not to tell you what to do hardly ever goes hand in hand with constantly begging for help because you’re so overwhelmed.

  2. This girl needs a reality check. She is so selfish and nasty. Who would ever want to be around her. Her mother keeps trying why???????????

  3. Time to take the pacifier from Sophia, her teeth are shaping horribly. Farrahs a sad example of a mother.

  4. This girl is not a celebrity and not a good mother. She talks horribly to everyone in front of her child. Not all teen moms turn out to be disasters, so it is not fair to judge her based on the fact that she is a teen mom. She is just a raunchy person regardless of her age.

  5. Farrah is the nastiest person I have ever seen! Now I know why on the show besides her sister she never really has friends. She probably has pushed them aside.
    I know her mom is a little cooky but I think she really does care. And I think she does want whats best but it’s not easy for a mom to let go of their child and grandchild.
    I know my mom would be devastated if I moved far away. I’m not saying anyone should have to stick around to appease their parents but she really does nothing but give them attitude when they are even trying the slightest bit to talk about how things are going!

  6. Farrah is a hot mess! SOmebody needs to remove Sophia from her.
    She has some serious personality disorders, and is an extreme narcissist!
    Saw her on Dr. Phil talking about her sex tape. Give me a break!!

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