Farrah Abraham: “It’s Hard Doing Things By Myself With Sophia”

By the looks of Tuesday’s episode of Teen Mom, it seems Farrah Abraham is finding single motherhood to be a challenge and – after experiencing difficulty coping with the stress of raising her 3-year-old daughter Sophia without her parent’s assistance – turns to a therapist for guidance.

“My parents are being overbearing again. It’s annoying,”the 20-year-old star – who relocated from Iowa to Florida last May – vents in a clip of the show. “I don’t need to pick up the phone to hear all of their reminders on how to parent my child.”

As she settles into a new school and work schedule, an overwhelmed Farrah reveals to her therapist that she is second-guessing her decision to move halfway across the country.

“Right now, I’m not confident [I made the right choice]. It’s hard doing things by myself with Sophia,” Farrah admits.

“I’m trying not to be negative — I’m just trying to live my own life — and they should just understand that,” she adds.


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