Katie Holmes & Suri: Mommy & Me

A ringless Katie Holmes was photographed with her daughter Suri and her mother Kathleen at the Central Park Zoo in New York City on Wednesday (July 11). The enthralled 6-year-old fed the alpacas and the goats – and sweetly shared the food with several other children – as her proud mom and grandma looked on.

It was yet another fun outing for the three generations of Holmes women, who on Tuesday visited Chelsea Piers. 

Newly single Katie “looked natural,” an observer told PEOPLE. “Her smile wasn’t forced. It just looked more real.”

Less than two weeks after filing for divorce from Tom Cruise, Katie was granted primary custody of Suri.

“Katie was really smart about how she did this,” one source told Us about the speedy agreement. “Tom will be allowed to see Suri but there are guidelines for the visits.”


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  1. I looked suri pictures in this CBS.. but never so saw suri smilling… its nice and beautiful.. i think i like her now more than before……

  2. Now that Katie is divorced from the scientology lord, I think it time for her to finally reveal the real biological father of this child. It sure isn’t Tom Cruise. While I do believe that Suri is biologically Katie’s child, I’m not completely sure that Katie wasn’t forced to let her be born to a surrogate. Katie never looked truly pregnant and there was zero evidence of the birth actually happening the day they said it happened. Maybe the scientologists just got so carried away with their favorite kind of cloak and dagger game that they merely made it appear suspicious. Maybe Katie did give birth to Suri. I’m admittedly still on the fence about that part of the equation. But I will never doubt the truth that Tom Cruise could not and did not father Suri. Besides the fact that he cannot biologically father a child, he has also been observably distant with her just as he is with his adopted children. He has never had anything more than a faux, awkward relationship with his kids. He feels no genuine connection to them because they are props that he bought, and not his actual family. Just to back and watch videos or read the interviews wherein he discusses them. There is no sincere love or recollection of tender times between them. He speaks of them as though there were business partners. He talks about his children in the same way he talks about scientology. His words are forced and insincere because in reality, he feels no genuine devotion or affection for either at all. He just has to keep up the appearance because he’s in so deep with scientology that both the “religion” and the heterosexual story have to be supported and protected at all cost.

    • Let it go. Kid’s not under his control anymore so it doesn’t really make any difference and the biological father, if it’s not Tom, is really none of your business.

  3. Geez people, Suri has Tom’s eyes. She looks so much like her dad, drop it, she is obviously his child. The eyes and smile are 100% Tom and everything else she resembles her mom. They both love their daughter and happy they will both raise her and make sure she is happy.

  4. I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but I see in quite a few of these pics taken of them at the zoo, Katie is in deep thought and she seems like she is a thousand miles away from what is happening at the moment, but still is holding onto her daughter. Did anyone notice that? That was the first thing I thought of when seeing these pics of her.

  5. Wendy-Yes, I thought the same exact thing. I can’t blame her though with everything going on. I think she is relieved that papers have been signed and she has sole custody of her daughter. Things could have been very different. Katie is probably hugging her a little tighter right now.

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