Kendra Wilkinson: Camera Ready

Kendra Wilkinson and her family were spotted with a camera crew in West Hollywood, Calif. on Wednesday (July 11). They were being filmed for Kendra On Top.

Wearing very high heels – the reality star balanced herself while carrying Hank Jr.

Kendra recently defended Jessica Simpson’s post-baby body.

She said, “That just breaks my heart. I feel for her. I was in the same boat. People just need to mind their own business. That’s a woman who just gave birth. Her first priority right now is her child. Her first priority is not losing the weight.

You should be proud of her for that. A lot of people just dump their kids off at nannies and lose the weight overnight. We should all be proud of her for being real and taking control and making priorities.”


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  1. I can see she started doing something differently with his hair. She’s parting it down the middle and maybe putting gel in it because it’s not as high lol.

  2. Kendra On Top should be renamed Kendra On the Bottom. Her WE show is tanking in the ratings and doesn’t even make the list of the top 100 cable shows that air on Tuesday nights. So it’s time for Big Hank to get a real job, and for Kendra to go back to the pole

  3. Says the woman who was on magazine covers within a month post birth talking about how she was getting back in shape.

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