Slash & His Hollywood Stars

Such a proud moment for Slash!

Saul Hudson – a.k.a. known as stage name Slash –  was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Hollywood, Calif. on Tuesday (July 10). The Guns N’ Roses guitarist was joined by Hollywood pal Charlie Sheen, wife Perla and their two sons London, 10, and Cash, nearly 8. The family-of-four took turns flipping off the photographers at the ceremony.

“I’ve been a part of the Hollywood fabric for a long time and to actually be appreciated by the city of Hollywood is a huge, huge honor,” Slash said during his acceptance speech. “And so I want to thank everybody for this; it’s unbelievable.”

The rockstar has sold over 100 million albums as a member of various groups including Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver. Currently he is celebrating the release of his solo album, Apocalyptic Love, which hit No. 4 on the Billboard Top 200.

The Hudson family were recently photographed during their luxurious getaway in Ibiza, Spain.


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    • And both the parents are flipping the bird in the second photo too. Super klassy, especially considering the only reason the photographers were there was to publicize Slash’s star on the walk of fame.

      London seems like a sweet kid though.

  1. OMG he’s giving the finger. How classless. I guess they must see that in the house and feel comfortable doing it.

  2. Come on everyone, it’s Slash. I don’t think anyone expected this to be a like a day at Grandma’s house. That don’t-give-a-$hit attitude is exactly what made Gun N’ Roses one of the greatest rock bands in history.

    • Yes but we aren’t talking about a 20 year old in a rock band back in the 80s. We are talking a man in his 40s teaching a child to flip people off. At some point in your life, that kind of behavior becomes classless and gross. But I wouldn’t expect much of anyone who hangs out with Charlie Sheen.

      The middle finger is probably the least worst thing these children see.

  3. Wow, what a lovely thing to see a child his age flipping the paparazzi off. I could imagine what goes on in this household. What a great thing to teach your children. Well then again, this is Slash and hanging around with Charlie Sheen I could see where they get it from. Great values and morals in this household right? NOT!

  4. The finger is tasteless and certainly not classy. It would be nice if we could practice being ladies and gentlemen again. Maybe people would get along better if we did. “sigh”

  5. I’m guessing the people behind the Hollywood Walk of Fame will be putting a quick stop to bird-flipping incidents and other socially unacceptable behavior during public events and photo sessions. This family has single-handedly turned it into the Hollywood Walk of Shame. Thanks Slash and family, you’ve really shown yourself to be the animals you are. Why don’t you just take a piss on the marker to show us how you really feel and behave on a daily basis? This family has single-handedly turned it into the Hollywood Walk of Shame. How unfortunate for everyone concerned, especially the viewing public.

  6. Lighten up. I see a successful father, beautiful mother, 2 healthy, happy and loved kids. I could only wish my family was this normal growing up.

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